Windows Phone Mango users experiencing issues, patch upcoming?


  • RetroSA

    Strange to think something released by MS isn’t thoroughly tested.

  • Carmine

    Strange to think something released by MS would be thoroughly tested.*


  • Harris

    Everything is fine over here.

    Another reason to pick on Microsoft because a couple of phones did not go 100%. Same thing happened with the Apple antenna gate. Good to see Microsoft has reached this stage, where good isn’t good enough if its not great.

  • Entegy

    I sorta have the Samsung Focus proximity sensor issue. Sometimes it’ll turn the screen off during a call, sometimes not. Otherwise, Mango has been smooth as silk for me.

  • Canadude

    I have a Samsung Focus and have not experienced any of the “problems” listed.

  • Alex

    Android, then bb, followed by Apple and now Windows. A never-ending rant.

  • scott

    i have had mango on my htc hd7 and have not experianced any issue that i have noticed! my phone is perfect! a fantastic phone! the best i ever had!

  • Jack Fung

    I do notice that live tile is not being updated properly. The accuweather app display is not updated and needs to manually refreshed.

  • jellmoo

    So far my Focus seems to be working well. I’m still doing battery tests though, so there may be a performance hit there, and I am checking into data use as it has gone up, but may be simply me using it more.

    My HD7s just got a dose of Mango the other day, so it’s a little early to tell.

    All OS updates across the platforms bring issues, they are to be expected. The measure of value comes from how quickly the platform maker send out a fix.

  • astudent

    I have been experiencing some typing accuracy issues but I thought it was just me, my optimus 7 is charging wonderfully but hey, at least microsoft is addressing a potential problem

  • Jacquio

    Seems like Windows Phone development is equally “chaotic”.

    • kenypowa

      Ha, wasn’t there an article the other day that MS has figured it all out?

      saying it ain’t so, MS.

  • John

    These are all really minor intermittent issues.

    You have to really be looking for the knock in the engine to notice some of these things. I’ve had the keyboard slide away occasionally, but all you have to do is click on the text field and it comes back.

    Compared to the bug ridden garbage that is Android, Windows Phone 7.5 is about as perfect as you can reasonably expect an OS to ever be.

    • Kyle

      Lol, as an android fan, your comment made me chuckle, because its true. Google has been pushing code out so fast that much of it ends up being garbage HAHA. The upside to android being that most of the bugs are worked out by the community..

  • MARS

    Windows phones should come with an F8 key so you can put it into Safe Mode when you have issues!! lol

    No way in hell do I want my phone to experience the Blue Screen of Death and shut down on me every 20 minutes.

    • Tiago

      I’m assuming you’re using an iPhone. Good for you. Use a phone that is at least a year behind the times, one that’s losing popularity and one that shattered when i dropped it two feet off the ground.

      WP7 phones are amazing and my Focus has NEVER failed me. Mango is awesome and I haven’t experienced any of the problems stated here and I look forward to the future of this platform! Microsoft has done an excellent job. Kudos!

  • razkoe

    aside from the update process being a complete and total pain in the a*s, and taking forever, my HTC HD7 is working like a dream with Mango. I’ve been using it non stop for the last week since I did the update (I flop phones around pretty routinely) and haven’t had a single issue with it.

  • tbr

    Windows users are so used to problems that any problem is just normal.

  • andy c

    No problems with my focus. I don’t recall any of these issues with the RTM mango release and I was running that before I got official mango.

  • A.S.

    Running on my HD2 just fine and it isn’t even a WP7 device.

  • bob c

    Lol ms you just made fun of android stating they gibe to many updates and that ms us going one massive update but looks like with massive bugs lol

  • Ra

    Got lg Optimus 7, running mango for a long time. No problems at all

  • MARS

    @A.S. I also have the HD2 and had by phone dual boot to WP7 and Android 2.3.5. Hardly used WP7 so I erased it. Glad to see a fellow HD2 user here! One of the best phones HTC ever made and my update come out the same time as the Nexus devices!

  • james vond

    LG optimus 7 is a terrible phone. Sold it and ditched telus. The samsung focus is simply amazing.

  • GMan

    MicroSoft promises upgrade is the best thing on earth.
    User upgrades.
    User regrets doing the upgrade.

    Hmm, who would’ve thought?

  • OKG Jane

    Samsung Focus here, been running mango for a while now and no problems.
    Has anyone apart from OP had any problems even?


    Has anyone noticed that emojis are working on Windows Phone now??? I’ve been receiving all the little emoticons that my friends with iPhones are sending me… I used to just get those tiny squares!

  • Tagster

    My LG is having Troubles with the voice command on texting 🙁

  • Jonneh

    Other than the hardware on my LG Optimus 7 being crap and telus not supporting it like they said they would when I signed my contract. Mango, is amazing. My phone restarts with any hint of static from my pocket… or a blanket.

  • George

    My HTC Trophy just got the Mango update. I can no longer post pics or video to facebook. Otherwise, no issues. I hope that fix is included in a future patch.

  • gomez

    My HTC hd7 is experiencing excessive data usage charge.. I was on the 2gb plan that lasted all mth and after mango update it is using 10gbs per mth.