Windows Phone Mango users experiencing issues, patch upcoming?

While the rollout of Windows Phone Mango has been smooth — really smooth — the finished product has left some users feeling a little frustrated. Reports are rolling in from around the world of people experiencing keyboard problems, GPS issues, Live Tile inconsistencies and worst, app instability.

Some issues, like the proximity sensor not turning the screen off during a call, are endemic to just one phone, the Samsung Focus in this case, while many others are being chronicled by users of all Mango devices, regardless of model or manufacturer.

Personally, I have noticed only one of the issues on my LG Optimus 7: the keyboard will disappear in the middle of a sentence, as if I’ve pressed the dismiss button (of which there is none) by accident. There is no rhyme or reason to the behaviour; it happens during emails, texts or tweets, in any number of apps.

The other problems are as follows:

– Decreased keyboard accuracy
– Live Tiles staying static for hours, ignoring app status
– Voice commands not registering (Samsung Focus only)
– Excessive data use
– Battery not charging properly (LG Optimus 7 only)

Are you experiencing any problems with your Windows Mango update? As you can tell from our review, we liked the upgrade a lot, and can’t wait to try it on newer hardware.

At this time, it is unknown when Microsoft will be issuing a patch to fix these bugs, but it should be coming soon.

Source: WMPoweruser 

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