Mango update going better than expected, Windows Phone team speeds up release


  • Kaylin

    My Rogers Samsung Focus recieved it the MOMENT it went live. Could be because I was running the Beta tho.

  • jellmoo

    I have it running on a Samsung Focus, but am waiting for it to rollout on the HD7s.

    The difference between pre and post Mango is incredible. The OS previously felt ahlf baked, missing too many parts. Now? WP7 is a complete mobile OS that easily competes with iOS and Android. Very impressed.

  • Kenny

    @jellmoo: Mango has been availale for the HD7 since release day, I know cuz I installed it on my HD7 the day of.

    Smooth, great integration, lotsa new features, it is my favourite phone OS. I’m excited for the next big update for WP and hopefully MS can keep pace with Android and iOS.

    • jellmoo


      Thanks for the info, but while the HD7 update is available, AT&T hasn’t sent out the update for the HD7s as of yet.

      For those with the Focus, it is possible to “force” the update. In your Zune software, do an update check as normal. After it reports no update, select any other option in that menu. Then click on the Update button again, and immediately disconnect the PC from the internet. The timing can be tricky, but if you get it right, the update will become available.

  • Maxime Beaulieu

    Sadly still waiting on my update for my Focus with rogers 🙁

  • Francis

    Rogers Samsung Focus still not getting it !! Argh… it’s driving me cray cray !

  • Dave

    The total nightmare is finally came true for iphone!

  • Brian

    I had to force it on my roommate’s HD7 (Bell) as jellmoo mentioned above.

  • Canadude

    I have the Rogers Samsung Focus, and I force updated it. Worked like a charm. Just disconnect internet one second after hitting update. Then once it say, you have an update….make sure you connect the internet, before updating!

    • Deryk S

      Worked perfectly on my LG. Thanks!

  • Deryk S

    I followed the dl instructions a forced my LG Optimus update through Zune.

    I heart WP!

  • JH

    Nothing yet for my Bell LG Quantum

  • astudent

    I used the pull ethernet technique to force my update, worked like a charm

  • jpboulet

    Keep looking every now and then since last tuesday and still no update for my Telus HTC Surround…. tried to update via the “force” method but since I am running windows on a VM on my mac, I have problem to complete a full install.

    I can’t take it anymore I want the update!!!! Mango seems like a complete vision for windows phone… too bad Microsoft can’t deliver the same way Apple does for iOS…

  • Doug Irwin

    I have the Samsung Focus with Rogers. I did a forced update like most other people and it installed and worked beautifully. My phone has come to life.

  • AGFin

    I updated mine right away (LG Optimus 7 – Telus). I used the internet disconnect method. So far so good. Minor hiccups, but overall, I like it.

  • John Bennett

    LG Optimus Quantum with Bell: No update yet! Just checked five minutes ago. No desire to force the update, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Joseph

    I have it on my unlocked T-Mobile on Wind. Like others, I did the pull the ethernet trick with no problems. The funny thing is I’m still discovering new little things as I’m going along.

    • Nobel

      @Joseph: I was just wondering if any unlocked T Mobile HTC HD7 will work on Wind Mobile? Because I checked the specification of this cell phone and it does not support the 1700 frequency? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

  • Matthew

    I forced the update last week but I got an email today from MSFT saying to update my phone so I guess I would have gotten it today.

    My zune software also updated to take in to account the arrival of Zune Pass in Canada.

    So far the phone is working great no problems at all except for artist background showing up in the lock screen. I get the Zune rainbow but the pictures are not coming up. Also not getting them in the playback screen but in the artist screen they appear. Sort of strange. Only glitch I have seen so far.

    Hooray for multiple calendars.

  • Matthew

    If anyone has a fix for the artist background please get in touch with me at mm77can @ hotmail.

    The music screensaver works in the zune software and would love to have it on phone. Looks great. Much improved.

    BTW mine is a LG Optimus 7 unlocked to Rogers.

  • bxbbrian

    Got my dell venue pro update mango is absolutely awesome.