Chatr Wireless releases the Nokia C2-02 “The Appeal” for $85


  • Jack

    WOW rogers, this phone is a shame, would prefer not have a phone than have this piece of s…!

  • XER

    Appeal what?

  • TomatoGuy

    This phone definitely doesn’t have “voice-guided” navigation. It doesn’t even have GPS module inside and approximates your location using carrier network (which is far less accurated than GPS positioning). With 240×320 pixels 2.6 inch display you won’t see much map at one time on the screen anyways. What you will definitely see is where each of those pixels is. 😉

  • Alex Perrier

    TomatoGuy, the DPI is still higher than Mobilicity/Vidéotron’s Motorola Spice.

    Chatr’s keyboard icon is misleading. i’ve informed the operator about its mistake, and you should too. They should show a number keypad, but not a full keyboard which you have individual keys for each letter.

    Now “The Appeal” isn’t really appealing at all, and it’s easy to notice that Chatr loves Nokia. i’d just advise people to go shop elsewhere. Chatr is only really useful if you want to keep your non-AWS handset, but still have unlimited talk and text while you save up for a quality AWS feature or smart phone.

    Oh, and you’re welcome, Mobile Syrup. Thanks for posting the story, even if it’s not huge news! 🙂

  • Alex Perrier

    Those who want to complain about low DPI should try out the Nintendo DSi XL. 🙂

  • Ramone

    A faceless company, that was put together overnight for a sole purpose of stifling healthy competition. What a c*nt of a company. “25¢ retrieval charge per minute”, ahaha, so “Rogers” of you, Chatr.

    If it works for you, then sure, go for it. Personally, I would rather give my money to Wind, Mobi, or Public. At least they are initiating change in Canada, and not promoting greed, and for that, I thank them!

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Oh ramone… such the i***t.. Chatr was on the books 6 months before wind was even a wet dream in uncle swaries pants.. had you been at the empire club you would have heard jabroni verify that. Also you must understand that chatr is just sitting back and watching wind falter.. no one can argue it is an easy feat for chatr to end wind. So the question why not end them… like uncle swarie said ” make them bleed ” so that is what is happening now wind is losing money and now the ” offer ” for funds for let is gone.. what will they do? other than line up at the all you can eat buffet who knows

      jabronied out sourced and contracted.. and now deprived of funds.. ohhh nooo

    • Ramone

      Oh, so Wind just appeared out of thin air one day, surprising everyone? If that was indeed the case, wouldn’t this make Big3 CEO’s look … uninformed? Anyway, Rogers knew what was coming, and Chatr was their preemptive strike. Please, you are smart enough to know this, Stallion.

      I have to admit that I am quite surprised about the rest of your post. You actually WANT Chatr to kill off Wind, Mobi, and Public, so we can all go back to the Stone Ages? Even if you have issues with Wind, et al, how can you possibly have such a desire for them to be eliminated? It is very likely that your own cellular plan has improved over just 2 years.

      I await your reply, which, I hope, will not turn into lunatic rantings, and will actually address my points.

      Thank you!

    • Alex Perrier

      For my mom, Chatr is simply a transitional company, because WIND, Mobilicity and Vidéotron do not have a large-keypad phone for an affordable price. To pay around $100 for such a phone when my Android cost less seems really ridiculous, given that her phone will obviously have way less features than mine. Those cheap Huawei phones have very small keys. Nothing like those of a home phone.

      As for me, there is no AWS Android comparable to the LG Optimus Chic, let alone the One. That Alcatel? It costs too much, although the Lightly Loved Tribe was tempting. i’m still really grateful for AWS providers, however. i’ve tried their Huawei U7519 and WINDspeed stick when both were on sale, and their service gives you better value for your money. Only problem is that Huawei isn’t a high quality brand.

      This is really the reason i choose non-AWS providers, because their device selection still isn’t that great. Obtaining and unlocking T-Mobile devices would be a big hassle that could be difficult and/or uncomfortable for me and others to do. Even WIND employees are doing this to benefit from T-Mobile’s higher quality devices.

      It all comes down to this: low-cost devices but high-cost services (Big 3), or high-cost devices but low-cost services (AWS). Yes, i have pretty decent monthly plans with Big 3, but they are incompatible with subsidies, can be difficult to obtain, and company representatives even want me to downgrade my plan! So here’s to hoping that our dearly loved AWS carries get a more solid device lineup.

  • ToniCipriani

    That looks nothing like the Pre. Not even sure where you guys are getting the idea.

    • Pre_cambrian

      I think they meant Pre-Cambrian; it looks Jurassic if you ask me, but that’s subjective!

  • coxon

    So you can use this on chatr’s 2g 100mb data plan? If not this phone won’t be able to do any of the things they are advertising. Also Nokia Maps uses loads of data. Unless you can preload maps with Nokia Map loader it will be completely useless on chatr. This phone would be better on Fido.

    • T1MB1T

      I have tested this chatr and its a 3g network and quite good but it is not WIND! long live wind!

      I like wind.