Android’s next big thing, Ice Cream Sandwich, gets shown off on camera


  • Celestial

    ITS SO SEXY!!!!



      PHACT: This blows BB OS7 out of the water x 1000000.


      Thankyou and have a nice evening everyone. Enjoy the last bit of summer weather.

  • Barry

    and i jizzed in my pants…

  • sean

    I call custom rom. But if nit this is a big improvement in gingerbread but wonder what they will be doing to honeycomb

  • hinds

    Looking like a treat! Now the Nexus prime to finish it

  • FakersGonnaFake

    IF this was real (it isn’t), the guy would have done a Nandroid backup and released it on XDA.

  • kenypowa

    Keep in mind this is a beta build that’s running on a 9-month old 1.0GHZ single core processor phone, yet its performance is silky smooth. Amazing. Good job team Android.

  • howitzer

    Looks like a controled leak.

    Nice UI but what i want to see is all the functionalities like the Keyboard, messaging app, various 3rd party integration…

    Anyway i fear it wont stop me from buying a Bold 9900 by Christmas. But 3 months in the mobile industry is is SO long !

  • Bertom

    I am with you FakersGonnaFake. Also, why only make a two minute video. Almost half the video is dedicated to the camera. I am sure if this were the real ics there would be much more to show.

  • monsterduc1000

    Nice! Hopefully ics gives the nexus s camera zoom and widescreen pictures as well.

  • MXM4K

    I doubt it’s real. Android version doesn’t usually say “Honeycomb” or “Froyo”, it usually says “2.3.4” or “3.2” (see picture in the article where it says “IceCreamSandwich”).

    So I highly doubt that it’s a legit ICS build.

  • RIo

    What is the big difference between this and current Android OS?

  • Bubbuabu

    ^ You clearly haven’t seen the Android 2.3 UI
    This looks revamped

    • RIo

      I havent, that is why I am asking. WHat is different 😛

  • Bri

    this looks disappointing to me. Hope this isn’t real.

  • Michael

    This just made me want to wait for the Nexus Prime.
    Hopefully it’s not too expensive!!

  • Jay

    Not sold on it. I have a hard time believing some guy happened to bid on and win a phone with Google’s super secret new operating system randomly installed on it.

    Also, it doesn’t look that great, doesn’t flow very well. And how the hell would HTC or Samsung put their own UI over something this jumbled?

    Seems fake.

  • sean

    Simple question… is it called Google+ huddle or messenger now?

  • Joel

    A simple change to the build.prop file will change the Android version to PoopInMyPants.3.2 if I want – I learned that trying to get more apps in Google market to appear.

    My guess is a custom rom, build.prop file and a new theme that someone is showing off before they release it on XDA.


  • human

    Kinda just looks like a Tron UI

  • Justin Credible

    “It’s also possible to get straight into the camera app from the updated lock screen”

    And MIUI can do this from like 7 months ago ???

  • saffant

    .not sure of its credibility, but I honestly like the green gingerbread theme better.

  • HwyXingFrog

    Yeah, my guess is custom rom. I’ve tried a few with some similar features on my HTC Desire. I call BS.

  • Lim B.

    Crappy job of filming.

  • TheTruthMaker

    this was REAL footage. now how d’you feel, you who called BS and fake ? hahahahahahaha 😉

    Greetings from France