Humour: Rick Mercer takes on the BlackBerry


  • Frosty

    Sad but true.

    • dee

      it’s not sad. it’s just true.

  • TomatoGuy

    Funny but true. And RIM’s Playbook can’t even send/receive emails through native email app, because it doesn’t have one. Research really slowed and is no longer In Motion.

  • Sean

    Too true…

  • m


    sorry I love my playbook and it works great sending email over bridge and web client. I dont need two email clients to read the same email.

    • TomatoGuy

      Sorry, but I don’t want to buy $600 BlackBerry to check email on my tablet. Checking your email through web browser and having to log in every time to accomplish such simple task on the personal mobile device is really painful. And new mail notifications are nowhere to be found unless you have one of those overpriced behind times “smartphones” made by RIM. Even that new and cheap Amazon tablet is looking better than months old heavily discounted PlayBook.

  • Sean

    Wait wait wait… there’s actually a blackberry store…

  • blackberry’s suck

    this was really funny and true, blackberry’s are so year 2000, there like a few years behind everyone else in terms of innovation. and Iphones are starting to become blackberry’s, because Iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5 are all the same but with minor tweaks here and there, but no innovation either. whats hot and new is Android. Android is there new super God in terms of phones.

  • Dean

    very funny, obviously an over exaggeration but still very funny,

    sent from my magic Playbook, it’s magic cuz it does email.

  • steve

    Before I saw this, I actually to ditch my blackberry for a Galaxy S II X… Kinda reaffirms my thoughts

  • brando

    lol funny best laugh in a long time, though a slap to reality BB need something to be at par with android or better i vote ditching the CEOs and see how far RIM can really go

  • skrutor

    I had no misconceptions about the usefulness of the CPP when I’m old enough anyway. Why are government programs buying shares in corporations anyway? It’s supposed to be self-sustaining (hah).


    PHACT: This is one funny skit.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jerrik

    Hahahaha poor RIM.

  • Timlinson


    RIM is dead.

  • spiro

    so true… blackberrys will soon be a thing of the past

  • chittral

    this made my day

  • Chris Farrer

    Actually it’s not true. I fight this everyday with these misunderstandings. Your BlackBerry will do EVERYTHING an iPhone will do, and more. Granted, RIM, by not even including their own BlackBerry App world application on their devices by default, makes it a little tougher to get started. I have users that don’t even know they can get on the internet with their BlackBerry??? let alone download an app. iPhones are not ALL THAT. My wife has one… she needs to turn off WiFi to receive email when outside of her office because of some issue with Rogers and Shaw?? What?
    Hey… regardless, love the phone.

  • Logicknot

    CPP has to invest the money. There is less people contribution to CPP then there are people on it with the baby boomers.

    Probably by the time i retire CPP won’t exist anymore cause it will run out of money

    They got to get it from somewhere so they invest it.