More confirmation that Rogers LTE network in Montreal is on the verge of being turned on


  • iTurds


    • iTurds

      Frogot to mention that I am capable of making 100$ per hour but I make $5 lol so funny how they use the word capable..

  • norno

    i like your comment last comment iTurds

  • KidCanada

    Unless they lower those outragous data prices which isn’t even worth it with the cap you’re getting, I don’t think LTE will be as big of a hit as they though it would be. Sorry Rogers and Bell, the truth had to be told eventually.

    • aka

      another useless complaint about data charges and data caps not even in your market segment, how original.

  • Tbone

    Everyone needs to stop thinking short term. everything new that comes out always has a high price. Do you think they were doing 6GB data plans for $30 when the first smartphones first came out? or the first Plasma/LCD tvs?..Everything will come down in price, new network cost money to roll out. Could be the reason you dont see Moblicity, wind videotron rolling out LTE

    • Rob

      I agree with Tbone here… common guys.. if you want the best you gotta expect to pay more… like 4 years ago when the Blackberry Curves came out they were selling 4mbs data plans and it was pleeeennnttyyy enough… now look how smartphones have evolved… at that I haven’t seen the details of the LTE plans and ppl are already complaining.. like any product … wait and try before passing judgements ppl. if you dont like dont buy

    • Last Chance V

      Guys, in theory yes new technology is always more expensif at first and this usually to cover the cost of research and development, but we aren’t talking about a new network. The whole purpose of changing from analog to digital TV was to use the old network for emerging mobile network, non the less I’d like to remind you that we have the crappiest network the slowest network and the most expensive on the planet.

  • iTurds


    In theory it should be that way but in Canada we are going back for some reason.. did anybody imagine that Rogers and Bell would put a cap on the downloads? most of the countries do not even third world countries allow unlimited downloads and high speeds.. even the speeds that are offered are retarded if you compare the other countries + the price + the service… For some reason in Canada when it comes to technology..everything is backward and thanks to the CRTC who supports rogers and bell since they own all the infrastructure and they play a monopl.. game .. sad but true buddy

    • Killaz

      iTurds, respect, you are on fire today. I agree 100% with this comment and the first one.

  • Mike

    Alright, just waiting on the SGS2LTE to be also “maintenant disponible”. Demain? S’il vous plais? Merci!

  • nathan

    I’ll wait for lte to be affordable but they should just release the gs2 lte already. No harm in being future proof. 🙂

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    So if I am understanding this right.. Rogers is making htis happen while wind just sits and cries foul? Where are all the paytrolls to spread the ” we are new ” lines?

    jabronied, sold, outsourced and contracted

    hey chubby all you can eat baby back ribs mmmmmmm