Rogers going live with LTE in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto on September 28th


  • Dimitri k

    Yea & they are going to rape us up the a*s with the prices Robbers has. No interested Sorry. I rather stick to my my10plan with 6gb of data. That is fast & enough for me. Do not care about data speed times.

    • Ron Jeremy

      is that the Rogers bang bus in the pic?

  • choy

    I am hoping for some trickle down effect, like the non-LTE data plans becoming cheaper.

  • Qbie

    Phones!! Where are the LTE phones!

  • KidCanada

    I don’t care about Rogers, I just want to know when wind is coming to Winnipeg so they don’t keep ripping me off!!

    • Jerrik

      @KidCanada: I’m not sure if they will. If I’m not mistaken, MTS has a monopoly out in Manitoba, which is probably why none of the Big 3 are in Manitoba either. The same goes for Saskatchewan with Saskatel. I could be wrong but that is what I have heard.

    • drizzo613

      You state countless times that you aren’t sure of what you’re saying, (I’m not sure, probably, if i’m not mistaken, i could be wrong) yet you still post your comment?
      Check out Rogers coverage in Manitoba. It should only take a minute tops. Please do research FIRST next time.

    • KidCanada

      @Jerrik – actually we have all national carriers except for the new enrants and Bell. And they all have good coverage here but the pricing sucks.

    • Michael

      They will.
      But only Winnipeg. (only place they got spectrum)
      WIND will come to Saskatchewan. But purely the two cities there.
      It’s sad, but- that’s Canada!

    • Jerrik

      @drizzo613: Not like it’s any of your business, but I do a lot of research, every chance I get. How about this, you stop stalking my comments. My comments are either factual or based on my opinion.

    • aka


      You’re already living in an area where you’re getting the cheapest monthly service compared to the rest of the country, and you’re still complaining?

  • RO

    Wow! I bet we will see that here in EDGE-land (Maritimes) by 2021!
    I realize we have a small population, but if Bellus can do it…

  • Rob

    Why no love for Calgary?

    • bob

      Calgary is probably next as it’s the 5th most populous city.

  • Alex Perrier

    At least Bell doesn’t have the GRRF, but still… i was all excited for LTE but not for those Big 3 prices…

    Even Rogers and Bell LTE coverage combined only covers the urban centres. Big prices don’t make any sense at all. What they have though are some LTE bragging rights…

    As an aside: does anybody know 1. the reasons why Bell/Telus maintain their legacy CDMA network and 2. how much they would save or lose by shutting down such networks?

    • Adam

      Bellus maintains their CDMA network, as they are in roaming agreements with a number of smaller carriers across the country, which provide near-nationwide CDMA coverage. They can’t simply turn off their network, leaving a number of people still on CDMA without service.

      I know a few smaller companies are looking at turning their CDMA network off within 3-5 years, Tbaytel, DMTS, MTS to name a few, but they have to transition as many people over to HSPA as they can, and unfortunately, some people just don’t want to switch. The people who use their phones on pay as you go, or mayb ewith just the $15 monthly bill are content with CDMA coverage, because it works.

      But to answer your question, lawsuits are the main issue. Can’t turn off towers that you committed to serving people with, and can’t turn off towers that you signed roaming agreements with.

  • Patrick

    We still have EDGE in most place in Quebec City and Roger preoccupation is to lunch a network with no phone in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto! Wow

    • bob

      What are you talking about? Quebec city has HSPA since at least 2 years.

    • Patrick

      Every where I go I loose HSPA and get EDGE, so yes they have HSPA but the real coverage is unusable at a lot of place!

    • bob

      Quebec city’s coverage is no worse than anywhere else. You might have a problem with your phone.

    • Bryan

      rogers have 3g only in the city and along the main highways, but go out of the city like beauce or portneuf off the main highway, forget 3g, say hello to edge

  • Yannick Picard

    1) I’m willing to bet that most of their client base is still on CDMA (the launch was 2 years ago and most people opt for 3 year contracts). You might see a spike of new users on HSPA once the 3 year contracts come up for renewal next fall and people get offered discounts on HSPA phones when signing up for a new 3yr contract.

    Just like analog before, it’ll be phased out several years from now. Both Sprint & Verizon in the US still have a strong CDMA network and these users need the ability to ROAM when coming to Canada.

    2) The CDMA networks are already built, doubt they’ll be upgraded to the latest CDMA revision and so, it’s just maintaining them. Also assuming that each tower Bell/Telus operate has both CDMA & HSPA and that on the ground, it all goes to the same backhaul which they’d have to maintain one way or another.

    • aka

      I agree on the US roaming, CDMA is a mature enough network to leave alone if they can maintain it until parts aren’t available any more. Wasn’t there a rumour that the iPhone5, or some variant, would support a hybrid 3G CDMA/4G technology in one phone?

      check out the roaming 3G CDMA compared to 4G HSPA+ coverage, there’s huge pockets of coverage issues in the mid-northern US, as they don’t have the HSPA+ coverage like they do with CDMA.

      Analog took about 10 years to shut down after CDMA was launched, CDMA will probably take just as long, if not longer to completely shut down. They have to replace the existing coverage completely first, then work out the roaming arrangements with world providers. If there’s no real need to shut it down, why do it? The market will eventually move over to 4G any way, look at the handset selection, there’s hardly anything on CDMA, maybe for a few prepaid handsets.

      Also don’t forget, the people who signed up for CDMA contracts, the carriers need to replace their phones with 4G devices, and they have to make sure there’s sufficient coverage when these people are forced off the legacy network. There’s a lot going on here, not as easy as flipping off a switch.

  • T H

    Come on, Rogers, launch the damn Galaxy S II LTE already!! I am almost literally dying having to wait for that upgrade.

  • ainyul

    Wheres the love for FIDO? does this mean faster speeds will soon be available for HSPA+ clients too..?

    Come on ROGERS; upgrade the network so those of us on HSPA+ get better speeds..!!

  • Mike

    I’m soooo tempted to run to Bell for my SGS2… I’m really fed up of waiting. I keep hearing that the 1.5Ghz processor (snapdragon) isn’t even going to be faster than the stock 1.2Ghz on the Bell model (I’m not into cellphone technology enough to understand the reasoning behind it), and the HUGE 4.5″ screen just seems a little… HUGE. I’m not sure I’m willing to wait this out for the NFC chip.

    This week Futureshop has the 32GB microSD down to 60$, Bestbuy has the SGS2 for 25$ (and I asked Bell and they said they’d give it to me for that price as well), AND Bell has no activation fees this week… WHAT DO I DO?!?!

    • bob

      If you don’t care about LTE and prefer the smaller display than don’t hesitate and get the Bell version.
      21 Mbps is already pretty fast anyways.

  • Larry

    Why are you guys excited about Rogers LTE most of there network is the old and very tired terribly slow EDGE.My wife’s phone is always kicking down to EDGE,My Bell iPhone never comes off ov 3G.I know renamed 4G Apple still shows 3G though.

    • Adam

      Your bell phone doesn’t leave 3G because bell doesn’t have an EDGE network to fall back to.

      It’s a common issue with HSPA phones, dropping to EDGE. It’s not really a network issue. You might encounter a brief outage(few seconds), or a service “Shadow”, so your phone loses connection, but the EDGE strength is still there, so the phone automatically drops to EDGE.

      If you want to fix that, just go to your connection settings and select 3G/4G/HSPA only, not automatic or 2/3G

  • Dave

    Can’t hardly wait for my LTE data plans and of course, LTE Fee. LOL

  • Big 3

    If they took out the GRRF and included call display/voicemail to all of their plans and made the data add-ons cheaper(by like $20) then I might consider going to Rogers(which my demands are likely to not happen)

    I won’t be suprised that once they have LTE smartphones out, there will be no LTE subscribers lol.Thus Rogers takes a loss

    • aka

      @Big 3

      Do you seriously think they, or any of the companies, will spend billions to upgrade their network to LTE and not have a strategy on ROI? Once more LTE devices and smartphones are out on the market, there will be a demand by people willing to pay for it. Obviously you are not the target market they’re going after.