Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S II devices in just 5 months


  • Lightningrod

    It would be way more if they hadn’t dragged their heals releasing them in all the markets and all the carriers. ***Cough….hurry up rogers….cough….

    • Tim Henderson

      This is nothing, when QNX comes out in early 2013 they will sell out

    • Ryan Bidan

      Yeeee dats right biatches. All cause of me!

  • Mobilicity FTW

    Cuz the Samsung Galaxy S II is like the best phone right now.

    • Tim Henderson

      Uhhh where have you been, the BB Torch is still by the far the best phone available – it has BOTH touchscreen and keyboard.

    • Jerrik

      @Tim Henderson: I sense sarcasm.

  • DJM

    Makes sense. The SGSII is the best phone on the market.

  • Reg

    Considering that they have just released it in the US and Rogers and Telus are getting it soon, expect their sales to be even better. It helps that many would agree that our is the best phone on the market at the moment. (posting from my SG2!)

  • bob

    They could have sold much more if they released in the USA on time. And in Canada, on more providers.

  • Jay

    I was drunkenly playing with my buddies GS2 last night, #$%^ that thing is fast! Screens a beauty too, I couldn’t put it down.

    • Sheshawawa

      Are you sure you were playing with the phone.. or something else? LOl jk !

  • Jack

    I’m one of the 10 millions 🙂

  • KidCanada

    If only it had bbm, then the galaxy s2 would be in my hand now instead of the Torch 2. Yes I’m a bbm addict, I’ll admit.

    • bob

      You must like vendor lock-in.

  • Jerrik

    I can see why this statement would be true. There is nothing I can’t throw at my GS2 to bog it down. I can’t wait for the LTE version of this phone.

    • roman129

      You can’t wait to start paying 5x more* for data?

      *$45 for 1.5GB vs $30 for 6GB

    • Jerrik

      @roman129: This may get me some thumbs down; however, don’t punish me for stating my opinion. I’m all about performance. Getting up to 150 mbps on my phone is worth paying a little extra for superior performance. That must be just me, though.

    • Andy

      @roman129: How would you even know the data pricing??? Rogers stated the data pricing is for their data sticks. Never did they release data pricing for cellphones yet.

  • Cave Johnson

    So roughly 6 Billion dollars in revenues, prolly at least half of it in profit. Yeap, makes sense why Apple wants its ApplePie back and sues.

    Cave Johnson, signing out.

  • Tannis

    Is the Hercules going to be different from the S II?

    • Jerrik

      @Tannis: The Hercules has a bigger screen, faster network speeds up to 42 mbps, and NFC support. My GS2 from Bell only gets me up to 21 mbps with no NFC support.

  • saffant

    Exynos (Galaxy SII) > Scorpion (Hercules)

  • Jay

    Samsung is so sexy. iPhone is flaccid. I still love my HTC Desire

  • Vij

    I wonder where WebOS would be now if it was available on sweet hardware like the GSII…

  • Dylan K

    Waiting for the Slide. S II is a beast of a phone, doesn’t quell my thirst for a physical keyboard on an Android… with Rogers…

  • Ryan Bidan

    all cause of me!