Video: TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X quick overview


  • M1LK

    Hercules… *looks at specifications*

    Hmmm…. yep, makes sense.

  • Shen

    whats the difference between the galaxy s II and the galaxy s II X?

    • Graison Swaan

      processor speed for 1, and screen size for 2, shape and battery size

    • jeno

      @Shen: As well as network speed. The Bell version gets up to 21 mbps whereas this version gets up to 42 mbps.

  • Sean

    I have to ask did you do a speed test between this device and an exiting telus device to determine what the speed boost will be like ?

  • ROB

    Probably my next smartphone, since I have big hands and have found 4″ too small. Though I might wait for the GSIII. Regardless I will wait for MWC for my decision.

  • who cares

    Phones nowadays are getting waaaay to big to fit into our pockets or into the leather holsters people seem to love so much. I think I’ll stick to my Nokia E72 for a couple more years.

  • Sim

    OH mann this is SWEET ! If this works with the AWS band like Telus website specs sheet says. This is gonna be my next phone ! Damn !

  • krstnlndsy

    did anyone else watch the video quality sample?! terrible! i hope this isn’t normal…

    • jdeschen

      See note above about bad download

  • Nadia

    Release date??? I need to know!

  • E

    Big ups to Telus for including NFC in their variant. Don’t let Canada fall behind anymore than it already is!

  • billa

    I am liking it !!

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    This might make me switch to Telus. I’ve got 2 SGS2 LTE’s reserved on Rogers but I will cancel if the price is right and if they release it before Rogers releases theirs.

  • Chris

    A date! I need a daaaate! I am so psyched for this phone!

  • Mike E

    I want to hold out for Nexus Prime, but then I’m guessing that LTE phones/plans may be more expensive than I care to pay. Do I really need a 1280×720 resolution on a 4.5 inch screen….a touch overkill perhaps? These are the thoughts in trying to decide whether to get this X or not?

  • nick

    Sweet. NFC
    Any clue on date?
    Is this the same phone as the 4.5 inch Sprint version? Looks a little different

    • aka

      yeah, I’m digging NFC, incase it comes in handy in the future. from the recent OS 7 BlackBerry announcements, it only took them 15 days to announce, then release them. So this means we’re looking at early to mid October, that would be my guess. If memory serves me correct, I don’t think they’ve announced any past products that took over a month to deliver..T-Mobile’s version is getting theirs around Oct 26th.

  • krstnlndsy

    hah! so they take the video sample down…not cool mobile syrup, not cool.

  • jim

    It looks cheap

  • Kari

    I’m excited for the review!

  • Justin J

    So since this uses the dual carrier HSDERP+, could it be unlocked and used on Rogers at 21mbps? Or would it not work at all?

  • 0obaho0

    holy jizz that’s a sexy phone

  • Graham J

    4G Galaxy S II X is a retarded name, but better than Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch I suppose. What on earth are their marketing people thinking?

    • OMG Ponies!

      I think they believe adding more words, numbers and letters makes it cooler.

      Can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy S III deluxe HD 3D Uber Mega Awesome X version to come out!

      But the phone is sweet. Waiting to grab this one.

    • Anuther guy from from Thunder Bay

      Nah, wait for the Samsung Galaxy S Pro 4G 3D LTE Incredible

  • Matt

    I’m really interested to see some speed tests for this device. Since the max speed is 42 Mbps, getting 20 Mbps might be realistic, and that would be a great speed. Unfotunately I could never even consider this phone because of the 4.5″ screen. Come on, that’s just ridiculous.

    • Anuther guy from from Thunder Bay

      20 isn’t realistic. The point of dual-cell HSPA is to provide dual connections to a tower, doubling the connection speed and reliability. If on average your 21mbps enabled phone gets about 4mbps, the SGSII X could theoretically get you about 8mbps. And that’s only if you’re in their dual-cell 42mbps HSPA+ service area.

    • bob

      I get 4-6 Mbps with my 7.2 Mbps phone. I was hoping a 21 or 42 Mbps phone could get much more than that…

    • Downhill Dude

      I have a feeling that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts, so I’m hoping it will be more than double the 21Mbps device average speeds.

      I have, in certain locations, speed tested to 8.5Mbps (but averaging 4). I’m hoping that a peak of 20Mbps is actually possible, but I’ll take an average of 8-10Mbps.

      Really fast, but here comes LTE…

  • Bri

    Galaxy S II looks prettier especially the white one 😀
    Anyway, I will wait for Nexus Prime or Galaxy Note !!!!

  • Jay Jay

    This is a sweet device with impressive specs, typical Samsung market domination!

  • MrRight

    iphone 5 killer

  • aka

    kinda why Apple is afraid of Samsung, they’re trying to sue them in order to prevent further sales. If Samsung keeps making these high end phones, there’s nothing stopping them!!

    also can’t wait for the 42mbps speed test, hopefully the tester has some decent 42mbps coverage to truly test out the speed bump.

  • Peter

    Wonder how the 1.5ghz Snapdragon in these phones compares with the 1.2ghz Exynos on the Bell variant.. From my limited research it seems that the 1.5mhz Snapdragon is about 25% slower, and possibly more when it comes to 3D rendering.

    Bell also has their SII for 29$ this week at bestbuy… Very tempted to switching over to Bell this weekend rather than waiting.

    • zorxd

      The graphics on the Exynos are about twice as fast.

      I still think the Bell version is better, unless you really want a big display.

      The Bell version will also get all the updates first and support from the modders since it’s the international version.

    • Sal

      The earlier pictures show this phone scoring a quadrant of 3000+ though. I believe other phones sporting this snapdragon setup barely broke 2000.

      I’m curious to see if the picture was really true…..

  • KPH

    Must resist … must wait for Nexus Prime announcements and Canadian release dates. If it’s too far out though, this will be my pick.

  • Jay

    @ Graham J

    Indeed, the “x” moniker is more suited to the nexus family of phones. When I think “x” I think cybernetic robot like handset with uber specs and the ability to connect to Cyber Dyne and take over the world. What I don’t think of is this beautiful device. With that said, maybe the next Nexus iteration will be a variation of this phone shipped with ICS and will be called the Nexus X as opposed to the Nexus Prime.

    You heard it here folks 🙂

  • Dude

    I have to wonder what the health effects are going to be with a LTE radio or a double radio in one of these things. Its gotta be worse than the existing ones.
    No one seems to really care though.

  • dern

    It looks pretty thick compared to the Galaxy SII. Maybe in person it looks thinner…

  • Klauset

    Spoke with Telus about possible launch date, nothing written in stone but they clearly said towards the end of October. Still a little while away then…

    • Queenie

      Great article but it didn’t have everyhitng-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

  • Olivier Labbé

    the next version’s name will be epic…

    like “Samsung Galaxy SIII 4.5G X2 Epic MoFo”
    witch will be 1.222 time more powerfull that the “Samsung Galaxy SIII 4.3G X2”

  • LouisPG

    I can’t say I’m 200% positive, but here at the office our Telus distributor just got out from a meeting where the speculated date for Telus would be the 22nd of October… no clue if this is accurate. But i’M waiting.

  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    What processor does it have? Exynos, Qualcomm, OMAP, or Tegra?

  • Champ Wilson

    So this is the Galazy SII + LTE? right?

  • Bankai

    These marketing people are i****s. Samsung Hercules will b a fitting name for such a beast.

  • Ppoy

    that ish looks like the old gen iphone with the chrome looking bezel :/

  • Pacoup

    My only problem with this phone is broken rounded corner curve at the bottom of the phone when faced directly, which you can see on Telus’s website.

    It’s really lacking the flare of the regular S II.

  • PannTher

    Does it have a notification light?

    Looks sweet!

  • Nicholas

    I read somewhere that Bell has a 90 day exclusive on the GSII which means a street date of October 22 for the GSIIX since Bells premiered on July 21.

    • Ron Mexico

      No worries this isnt a GSII device, it’s GSII-X they can release when they want.

  • saffant

    Goddamn that’s one sexy a*s phone!

    Really thinking about selling my GS2 i9100M, but I guess its probably better to wait for the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy S2 HD LTE

  • Matt Demers

    My Atrix just got some dead zones, so this will probably be my next phone. Hopefully CyanogenMod gets ported onto it.

  • Jay Bee

    The Samsung Galaxy S II X looks much thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S II that Bell has already released? Is this true?

  • Mike

    Do you know when the Samsung 2 is coming to Telus, I heard it might be around October 19 or so.
    Sincerely: Mike

  • Mike

    Do you know when the Samsung 2 is coming to Telus, I heard it might be around Oct, 19 or so.
    Sincerely: Mike

  • ???????

    Its not coming to telus until oct . 28

  • ???????

    Btw the 100 percent confirmed

  • ???????

    Btw thats a 100 percent confirmed

  • ent007

    Anyone have any thoughts on the screen resolution of this compared to the original phone? Or the size?

  • Jeremy

    Talked to a rep today, it’s not coming out till november 8 2011

  • djburns

    still no one knows when this phone is coming out. aughhh what a pain in the a*s. i am still stuck with this shitty blackberry.

  • mark

    its coming out oct 28 just talking to a buddy whos a rep

  • ????????

    Like I said oct 28 ppl

  • Deven

    Its the 28th it says on the telus website

  • mike

    been to several stores. there is NO NFC. the LTE version of the SGS 2 does.

  • jerry

    I droped this phone and cracked the LCD and no display now!
    I tried to find spare for the LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly but no part available for T-989D (since it is only built for telus I guess).Is T-989 for T-mobile display compatable with the Telus version.Hope you can help.

  • Steve

    As for the poster taking about quadrant scores i scored 3764 with my sgh t989d which is an impressive score only 2 devices are reported higher one being the asus transformer tablet and the other being the quad core htc one x