Video: Samsung announces “ChatON”, a free cross-platform Instant Messaging service

Samsung is jumping into the ring and coming out with their own messaging service, directly taking aim RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Apple’s iMessage. “ChatON” is free, global and “works across all major smartphone and feature phone platforms”, so including BlackBerry and iOS. ChatON will first come pre-installed on smartphones that run off Bada or Android platforms this October, but will be “available gradually across all major Smartphones, Tablets, notebook PCs and Samsung feature phones”. As to the features, Samsung states there will be 2 versions available. A basic feature of ChatON has group chat, image/video/music and location sharing. An enhanced version of ChatON gives a few additional options, such as interaction rank, ability to comment on a users profile and the option to send other users an animated message. A video demo of ChatON is after the break

Source: Samsung
Via: Engadget & SammyHub

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