Survey: “28% of parents have discussed the risks of cell phone use while crossing the street”

The focus on back-to-school is on again, keeping kids safe is top of mind. Results of a recent survey conducted by Safe Kids Canada/FedEx Express Canada of 1,018 Canadian parents who have children aged between 5 to 14 shows that only 28% have “discussed the risks of cell phone use while crossing the street”. Interesting perspective, considering the Police are ticketing distracted drivers who disobey the law and decide to use their handheld device while driving.

The survey also revealed that 34% of parents use their cellphone while crossing the street, but 97% of parents believe it’s not safe for their child to use their cell phone or send texts while crossing the street. 51% of parents admitted that sometimes they exceed the speed limit while driving.

Pamela Fuselli, executive director, Safe Kids Canada said “While we are pleased that parents are taking the time to discuss safe pedestrian habits with their children, additional emphasis needs to be placed on reducing distractions while walking, such as cell phone use… With the school season set to begin, it’s a good time for parents to review with their children their route to school and discuss safe cell phone use.”

Source: CNW