RIM’s QNX-based smartphones “will be Android-compatible”, Bloomberg says


  • MRose


  • Compton

    This is amazing! Why would you want to buy an Android phone or iPhone?


    • JohnnyComputer

      You sir, are an i***t. Plain and simple.

    • AwesomeP

      no… he is not. Steve Jobs stepped down. apple will wither and die in his absence.

  • Sean

    “Ohh i picked up a new blackberry, it runs android apps”
    “Why didn’t you just get an android phone…?”

    • northy

      so you get the best of both worlds,,,

      even with computers lots of people like to have multiple OS,, why not on a phone,,, I like the idea,,

    • Alex Perrier

      “i’m really happy for you, imma let you finish, but BlackBerry had one of the best mail software of all time! One of the best mail software of all time!”

      Disclaimer: i’m an Android fan, and while the Gmail client may be nice on Android, the native email client for non-Gmail users cannot do basic things like archive older messages. There is also no way to move messages between folders. It’s bearable, but it is very basic, limited and rushed. i prefer to use Opera or the TouchPad.

      i applaud RIM for possibly being one of the first smartphone platforms to feature app interoperability. Now if only they had front-facing cameras, then maybe i’d be convinced.

    • G

      @Alex, Front facing camera? Who cares. I don’t really think many people use those even. It’s just an excuse to say a phone has ‘better’ hardware. Lol

  • Boop

    why do you think RIM is taking this route? Because there will be no apps for any of their qnx phones so they have to leverage Android

  • Ken

    This actually sounds interesting. I like blackberry but it seemed like they fell so far behind in hardware when compared to other manufacturers which is why I switched brands. This allows users to have the best of both worlds and if done correctly could provide a very unique user experience.

  • Harold the Barber

    QNX is a direct rip off of WebOS UI

  • Rich

    Might try buying some RIM stock around QNX time. I’m a little sketchy though based on the Playbook failing, and especially the fact it launched without an email client, lol.

    • JohnMAC

      Should of buy stocks while they were at 22.05$. Now since 2wks it going up. Slowly but certainly.

    • Warren Buffett

      Get ready for a drop after sept earnings

  • Adam

    Qnx has been around for years, rim just bought the rights to use it on their devices. Qnx isn’t an os, its what an os is built on, like unix

    • northy

      thats like saying android isnt a OS as its built on linux,,,

      i dont understand your comment??

    • skullan

      RIM did more than just buy the rights. Goto qnx(dot)com and you will see:

      “A subsidiary of Research In Motion Limited All content ©2004-2011, QNX Software Systems Limited “

  • Ra

    Playbook would not have failed if it was 3G capable and had native email, calendar etc.
    I don’t know why they were expecting a $500-$600 web browser to succeed.

    • Ken

      The email client will be solved by an update, but they can never fix the models already out so they can work with mobile data.

    • skullan


      Nor will they be able to fix the stigma of the first playbook being so limited. Once they update, maybe new people will jump on, but I think they will need to release a V2.

  • laridae

    Isn’t that like running Android on some kind of “emulator” program on QNX? Isn’t that asking for trouble and wouldn’t they be better off just switching to pure Android?

    • Ken

      QNX allows RIM to have their own look and feel, adding the emulator to run Android apps just allows more freedom for the end user, and because Android is open source I don’t see how this can get RIM in any serious legal trouble.

    • skullan

      QNX is very fleshed out OS, plus it is very modular (where you only apply what you need, as opposed to having bloat).

      RIM needs to be concerned about

      – Security
      – Patches
      – Integration with their servers

      I have a feeling it is easier to own an Operating System than it would be to work with a 3rd party to get the level of changes needed.

    • Hugh McClean

      No real trouble?

      Oracle owns Java and Larry is always ready to fight and WIN!

    • ajanu

      With QNX they can lock the system down to the point of making it viable on the corporate side, though I have heard it needs new servers and won’t play nice with the existing BES. Assuming they can run Android apps as well as an android phone, and it’s not some windowed and isolated mess it is the best of both worlds. If they pull it off my next phone may be a BB, if not I’m looking for an Android with a hardware keyboard.

  • Steve

    There is no emulator. The full Android is actually installed and running in a window, on the so called Player.

  • KettleCorn

    Pure Android is a Dalvik Virtual Machine as is

  • Hugh McClean

    If RIM’s marketing department was a broadway show it’d be called “Promises, promises”

    • Fatz

      be careful not to confuse RIM with analysts and tech blogs.

  • Larry Page

    Just look at RIMs software skills, imagine the hellish mess it will be trying to run Android apps on berries

  • Farquoi

    defeat for rim

  • user

    Didn’t they play the same card on the Playbook? Come on, people actually fall for this? RIM is so dead…….

  • Jippy Ju

    Retards In Motion can’t think of their own idea so they steal android apps

  • Cubbie

    Interesting. #FAIL

  • Really?

    do we have to wait another 60-90 days after release for this?

  • Jeremy

    Alex Perrier: the native email client in Android is open source, so it was taken and extended into K-9. Try that if you want a reasonable email client on android.

  • K9

    Change the article name to: “RIM admits defeat. Adopts Android”

  • Dave

    Retarded in motion finally Gets A Grip On Reality ? LOL

  • Thed

    Can’t wait for QNX!

  • mitch

    the only way this s**t’s gonna bring RIM back is if they do it up right. The way they were planning it for the playbook is messy and feels exactly how it shouldnt’t feel…like an emulator. For RIM to market QNX based berries as Android Market Compatible apps will have to work seamlessly with the BBOS. Not by running the Android Player app but actually integrating Android into QNX so that you can launch individual android apps with their own icons in the BBOS and not by launching Android Player. Somehow theyre going to have to figure out the buttons too because the way they have it set up now is straight f’ed

  • Amar

    Android running on QNX will only benefit blackberry. If QNX is a good as promised and Android apps run perfect on there with no lag or problems, Blackberry will rise again. Heck even I might make the switch.

  • BB

    to everyone who thought that a front facing camera is stupid or only works for people who want to take pictures of themselves:

    – have you heard of video chat? or is the globe/earth restricted to the city you are on? do you know there are people/friends who exist in a different country?


  • get_it?

    andriod has malware. pushing android apps through blackberry and qnx will make it what andriod cannot be (secure). qnx has the possibility to everything. RIM is sucking at implementing it and is too lazy to rewrite all the coding, they need to hire more developers but cannot cuz everyone fears that rim is gona tank.

    i strongly believe RIM will have the next new smartphone. they just need to keep their consumers in mind and start treating their valuable employees better so they can go on a coding frenzy.