Rumour: QNX-based BlackBerry “Colt” Superphone will be all touchscreen

UBS analyst Phillip Huang says the new BlackBerry 7 device sales are “decent”. He took the time to visit 17 stores that started selling RIM’s new devices and stated that “While certainly not comparable to the iPhone launch, and still lagging Androids, sales appeared decent with several reps eager to point us to the new Blackberries”.

Personally, I’m gunning for RIM. There’s no way that I want them to turn out the way Palm did, nor the way Motorola did too. It’s not just because RIM is Canadian, it’s because they were one of the pioneers that created the smartphone industry.

While these new BlackBerry devices are getting a “decent” response, the true sales numbers will be revealed during their upcoming quarterly results. Some BlackBerry enthusiasts are choosing to bypass this round of devices and wait for the anticipated adoption of their QNX platform (QNX is the OS that’s currently powering the BlackBerry PlayBook). RIM stated they’ll eventually shift away from the BlackBerry OS to QNX. Rumours surfaced a few weeks ago that the first QNX-based smartphone will be released sometime during Q1 2012. There was little known about specs, only that it was to have a 1GHz single-core processor. Now, more details/rumours have surfaced of this “Superphone”. CrackBerry is reporting that the Colt will actually come with a dual-core processor, be a full touchscreen BlackBerry, possibly have a display bigger than 3.7-inches, come with no trackpad and is an HSPA+ device.

So far the full touchscreen Berry sounds good!

Source: CrackBerry
Via: Globe