Bloomberg: BlackBerry PlayBook OS update with native email client and BBM coming in September


  • Jonesy1966

    About time! 😉

  • bob

    How pathetic. Still no email client. Wasn’t it supposed to be coming in the month after release?

    • Ryan

      The original promise was end of summer, which they might still technically make just barely. I definitely was hoping it and/or the Android Player came with the update today, though.

    • Frankmir

      the original promise was 60 days after launch and RIM lied and 60 days passed.

    • bummy

      I still don’t understand what the big upset is with no email “APP”. Use the browser!

      As for why it takes so long? Security. Playbook bridge was designed so that no data is left behind the Playbook after its unplugged from your berry. I’m guessing a native email “app” would compromise that security level…

      Again, Playbook is the ONLY US government approved tablet.

  • FlipperJ

    Jimbo Baldhead Sissy promised 60 days in a WSJ interview, and yet when asked about it he claims he never said that. What a shame Jimbo. What a shame. Stop opening your mouth and telling lies.

    This sounds like another lie.

    RIM is a supposed world leader in innovation and yet they can’t even bring native email to the PlayBook? LOL

    • pozi240

      Nowhere did Jim say “60 days”, I watched the same interviews. Before the PB was released, he was questioned about updates and eventual “full fuctionality” of the OS. His answer was “we hope to have a major update in the 2nd quarter” and “we expect to have everything running by the end of summer”. Now, I think most people were interpreting the “second quarter” comment to mean the beginning of the quarter which would have meant “around 60 some days” since we were almost a month into the first quarter (each quarter being 90 days). But, that could have meant as little as 60 days or as much as a 150 days…. so, Jim never lied, he made an estimation based on what he knew at that time, and technically, RIM isn’t late, …yet.

  • Wujek

    did Jim Baldy promise this?

  • Neil

    It’s taken them a really long time….but better late than never I guess. 😛

  • Mr. Market Jr

    rim is dead. this is evidence of being dead because they cannot build their own apps they have to leverage another company’s app. lame and desperate. Accept the fact RIMheads, your time is up.


    • Alex Perrier

      Maybe “RIMhead” is better and not as insulting as some other expressions i’ve heard earlier. i’m guessing “RIMhead” means “RIM fanboy”? Email and BBM for PlayBook should have been there out of the box. Android, heck even the TouchPad, had email and IM included.

  • Alex Perrier

    Better late than never?

    i understand that RIM and BlackBerry pioneered mobile email, but i’m enjoying the HP TouchPad email. What will PlayBook email be like?

    • Simpleton

      haven’t you taken down your pic yet?

  • Gordon Gekko

    HAHAHA RIM is such a pos

    No one bought the plaything and no one will ever buy it.

    Their phones were good….10 years ago!

  • Mcgyver

    Is this RIM lying again? 60 days JimmyB?

  • @Alex Perrier

    Alex – your posts are as boring as your face

  • David

    the public ain’t fair with RIM. I can think of a couple of things that a phone/tablet should fundamentally have but the iPhone/iPad didn’t and nobody says nothing about it and instead they earn nothing but praise

    stuff such as attaching a file to an e-mail, flash, changing batteries urself all these are so fundamentals but iPhone does not have

    RIM does one thing wrong and they are bombarded

  • Thed

    I was definitely a wise move to invest in Blackberry.

  • havanabar

    I picked up the Playbook in May knowing that it was incomplete. What I based my reasoning on was that I was investing in a revolutionary piece of equipment that was backed by a world Leader in Technology.

    Playbook email issue was never a real problem as I fully appreciate the Bridge application and the security it offers. I really can’t see me altering my e-mail practice unless the new Email Client can offer the same security.

    Having said this though I can see why some people who have misunderstood the value of the bb email system are upset and have exaggerated this delay , but on a personal level, having examined the companies track record, and observing the updates that have happened, alo0ng with factoring in the increased apps now available ( wayyyy more then what was available in May) – I personally have no regret in making the purchase, supporting the company and looking forward to future upgrades. This device has proven to be a great asset to me as a professional in the Construction industry.

  • Jesse

    I don’t really fault them for not getting a email program up to the standards of there email security on their phones. But a tablet without a dedicated email program is kinda ???.

    They should of just asked google to make sure they at least had a gmail app.

  • cklbro

    they have no msn ni emsil no twitter no nothing reslly i have an iphone but bought a playbook because i missed bbm and what a suprise they dont have that either! blackberry brudge is completely useless to people like me who dont have a blackberry smart phone and dont wsnt one to me having a blackberry phone and plYbook is useless because id just use my phone just like i didnt buy an ipad kuz my phone does that! using the pb is like using my laptop im very sad that theyre spp world is lacking and tge bbm isnt a key festure it should be in my opinion

  • cklbro

    and clearly no spell check sincd i wroge this on my playbook.