Rogers planning to launch NFC mobile payments Q1 2012, report says


  • Alpha

    Even if it comes out tomorrow, it’ll take a long time for vending machines, parking meters, etc to be upgraded to accept this new technology.

    Costco’s vending machines accept CC via swipe and paypass, some parking lots take payments by phone but no vending machines take BOTH yet. The Impark lots take both, but they seem to be an exception.

    Depending on Roger’s take, there may not be any reason to upgrade. Debit costs 6c/transaction, so the cost needs to be similar or less.

    Also, I’m assuming this is for POST-paid only even though it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to extend to prepaid customers.

    Meanwhile, Japan is laughing at our “technology innovation” while they order ramen from a vending machine and take the subway home, all using a unified payment system from their phone.

    • TomatoGuy

      Robbers – always looking for new and innovative ways to squeeze more money from you. Introducing NFC Payments Recovery Fee – to appear on your bill starting Q1 of 2012.

    • sp

      thats cause Japan is so far ahead of us with technology that anything we do now with our cell phones and services, they’ve already done it 10 years ago..

      kinda sad that other parts of the world is light years ahead of us in regards to technology in that sense, but yet we are one of the supposed “powers” of the world

  • Jason

    I’ve been really excited about this since the launch of Google Wallet. Maybe I missed something, but if Google Wallet just piggy-backs on the MC paypass network, why cant this be used in Canada right now with newer phones like the HTC Sensation and Samsung GS2 which have the NFC chip?

    • Sub-Joker

      Jason, the Galaxy SII and the Sensation DO NOT have NFC ships. as Ian said, the only two phones in Canada that have NFC are the Nexus S and the new Generation of BB’s (the 9900, not 100% sure about the new torch).

  • Reg

    They’ve been using NFC in Asia for years. It’s incredibly convenient and I can’t wait for it to finally become mainstream here.

    • sp

      be ready also for NFC theft… woo hoo to the $2500.00 purchase we never made on our phone bill!!!

      go techno thieves!!!

  • joe


    Its in beta testing in select cities in the states… that is the only reason.

  • sean

    They really need to pick up the pace on NFC. Is there really that much difference between using my paypass MasterCard and my NFC enabled phone at paypass terminals? I say skip the Google wallet dream and just give me a proprietary paypass app that uses the hardware right away.

  • crimsona

    NFC as a payment system – no. When I go out, I will always have my credit card (AND WALLET) with me for all the other retailers that won’t have NFC.

    But NFC for loyalty programs that are used at one location like Cineplex or Safeway, I would gladly retire the cards or the apps that don’t always scan properly because my screen is too glossy.

  • Skrutor

    I’ve got three credit cards, a business credit card, and a debit card with two accounts. I use all of them for different purposes. Unless NFC offers some sort of selection at purchase point, I won’t switch from my cards. Cool tech tho. Reminds me of tekwar.

  • TheTigerTek

    Finally I’ll have a use for the NFC chip on my Bold 9900.

  • anonymous

    Think the company is called En*S*tream haha

  • Anon

    To the author,

    Just a couple of corrections:

    1. The joint venture company formed by Rogers, Bell and Telus is called “EnStream” not “Entream”
    2. the company was formed in 2008 not 2009
    3. the company is not aka ‘Zoompass’; ‘Zoompass’ is one of the company’s products

    • anonymous

      I would help if people writing articles for these press filings were capable of proofing their own work and correctly establishing a connection to products owned and dates of inception.

      Otherwise, I look forward to seeing NFC establish itself as a dominant form in the western mobile market… I just hope that the technology doesn’t end up being shelved. We are so behind the European and Asian markets as is.

  • Dr. Andrade

    Correction its 2014 Q1

  • k

    “Robbers – always looking for new and innovative ways to squeeze more money from you. Introducing NFC Payments Recovery Fee – to appear on your bill starting Q1 of 2012.”
    – TomatoGuy

    Oh just shut the fu*ck up already. Why don’t you go troll elsewhere, you whiney bastard.

  • benry

    yet another great innovation from Canada’s LEADING telecom company – Rogers.

    I’d like to see YOUR much beloved Public Mobile incorporate NFC payment into its network LMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAO!!!