Video: HTC Flyer Review


  • the realest deal

    UGH MORE GARBAGE MADE FROM STOLEN APPLE TECH!!! HTC STOP STEALING AND INNOVATE FOR ONCE! Get a real tablet, get an iPad! Stop using garbage made from stolen apple tech!

    • MXM4K

      “the realest deal” aka vlad, I crown you with the title of ‘Mobilesyrup Clown’, because your comments make us all cringe and laugh at the same time 😉

    • blairmn

      its people like vlad that are currently working for apple law offices and trying to sue everyone they can.

    • Alex Perrier


      As much as i don’t like Microsoft, Windows smartphones and tablets existed long before Mac OS or iOS tablets. Windows Phone 7 and Metro are two quantum leaps forward for the company. Back to Apple, yes, there were Newtons that were iPhone’s grandpa, but they were basic PDAs with mostly limited functionality.

    • Cadet

      if you can get apple to stop all foreign labour and move them all back to the USA
      then we can have a deal =]

  • zico

    @MXM4K I crown you troll-feeder of the year, for your insistence to feed trolls.

  • Sean

    I’d of bought an HTC tablet if they had a honeycomb version out… instead i have a transformer and don’t regret it tho the Jetstream does look like a nice tablet

  • Adam

    Decent review, but you forgot to review battery life 🙁

    • Rich

      Battery life is more then adequate imo. I am from the states and have had the device since May. On a full charage, I usually get about 2-3 days of use if I’m surfing and playing games for about 2-3 hrs a day.

    • Daniel Bader


      Battery life was not something I felt stood out in any way. Overall we found it lasted around 6-8hrs of straight usage depending on screen brightness and whether we engaged the GPU. More likely, however, the Flyer will last approximately 2-3 days, as @Rich said, between charges.

  • Jay

    Huge HTC fan here. I absolutely love their phones, but with that said I have no urge to go out and buy this. 7 inch screen with android 2.3 and sense 2.1 and cant even make phone calls?!? Why would anyone buy this?

  • Number Zero

    It is being upgraded to Honeycomb eventually so it will get the tablet apps. Hoping to get an announcements

    • Alex Perrier

      It would be better to just jump straight to Ice Cream Sandwich. 😀

  • imjag

    Actually the movies can be moved to the SD card with the help of Astro File Manager.
    “Along with Watch and Books, the Notes app sits on a permanent dock near the bottom of the screen, next to the App Drawer.” – FYI – pretty sure you can change these up as well.

  • Steve Jobs

    I actually took the concept of the iPad from the tablet introduced by Bill Gates in 2002 and put iOs as well as a picture of an apple on the back , as for the back , it comes in black or white :O

  • rich

    i***t could’ve just charged the tablet then did the video again from scratch