Visa launching new “Digital Wallet” in Canada “fall 2011”

Visa announced today that they’ll be launching a new “Digital Wallet” this fall in both the United States and Canada. Currently customers have to enter their contact and payment info all the time before purchasing something online… but Visa is creating a “one-click payment system” that works by having customers enter a email address or ID only once to make online or mobile purchases.

“Visa will be introducing a digital wallet and services platform. The digital wallet will store Visa and non-Visa payments accounts, support NFC payments through the innovative Visa payWave application and deliver a wide range of transaction services to accommodate multiple commerce scenarios—including eCommerce, mobile commerce, micropayments, social networks and person-to-person payments.”

The Canadian financial partners that are on board are Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Bank. CIBC is missing from the list for some reason.

Source: CNW