TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II Hercules surfaces again!


  • Celestial


    • Sined

      The best part about these pics is that those scores can only come from the Exynos Processor (not the Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon in the Sensation), the same CPU in the regular Samsung Galaxy S II. So we now know for sure it’s top of the line hardware.

    • Souken

      @Sined: Actually, I think we’re still not 100% positive on which chip the Hercules is using; it’s really all speculation at this point. The Sensation with the Snapdragon can’t achieve 3000+ on Quadrant, yes, but a main part of that is due to the Sensation’s screen resolution. Quadrant’s tests run at native resolutions, and it has to run harder on the Sensation’s higher screen res (540×960) than it would on the Galaxy S II’s lower screen res (480×800). I don’t think we’ve seen a Snapdragon perform a Quadrant test with a Super AMOLED Plus on that resolution yet, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Hercules does sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or Samsung’s Exynos.

      Personally, I really do hope the Hercules has the Exynos, but at this point, we just aren’t completely sure yet.

    • Drew

      I’ve heard that the reason Samsung is NOT using the Exynos for the Hercules is the fact that the Exynos chip doesn’t play well with AWS. Hence the reason for the Qualcomm Dual Core chip for the Telus and T-Mo USA variants…

    • Sined

      @Souken That’s a good point. I’m still betting it’s Exynos because Samsung partnering with Qualcomm is still so far fetched. I can’t help but believe they would have partnered with Nvidia rather than Qualcomm if they weren’t going in house.

      @Drew, not sure how that speculation is founded. Also TELUS is using 850/1900MHz not AWS.

  • delaney

    give us a release date already telus!

  • Qbie

    Ok Rogers, everyone else has the GS2 … feel free to leak some images for us!

  • Ryan

    Now where is that GSII Pro with a slide-out keyboard?

    • Stupid

      Cannot wait for that one.
      Assuming the keyboard feels decent that’ll be my next device.

    • Neal

      Looking for it too – if it does have a better screen and memory than the XT860, I know what my choice will be, but the keyboard will have to be at least as good, and that’ll be tough.

  • AverageK

    OMG, I can’t wait! I was gonna get the GS2, but knew that waiting would pay off. I mean, just look at that screen 😀

    Hopefully it’ll be out really soon!

  • Stephanie

    Oh man I cant WAIT to upgrade!

  • SamTron

    Doesn’t this seem “too big”? I think it would look a tad strange holding something akin to the size of a tablet to my ear.

    • rob

      given that it’s thinner it’s probably no bigger than a Desire HD

  • Steven

    One word for telus : Finally!!!!

    Too bad I just took an Iphone less then a month ago (best telephone at Telus for now), else I would go for this beast.

    • Lucas

      almost did the same mistake.

  • Bains

    Thats my next phone…!!

  • stephan john

    I really want to know if this is the Exynos chipset 🙁

    • Souken

      This is just speculation, but I’ve heard that the Qualcomm Snapdragon that was originally rumoured to be in the Hercules (same SoC that the HTC Sensation uses) can’t achieve Quadrant benchmark numbers like the one shown in the screenshots, but that only the Exynos chip could. I’ve played around with a Sensation personally, and I admit that I’ve never seen numbers that high on the Sensation. However, on my Galaxy S II, I’ve consistently seen Quadrant numbers north of 3200.

      Now, I ain’t really sure how true that is, but it is true higher numbers for Quadrant can be seen on a Galaxy S II (with Exynos) than an HTC Sensation (with Snapdragon). However, keep in mind that the Sensation’s screen is running at a much higher resolution than the Galaxy S II’s, and Quadrant’s tests are done at native resolution, so it’s not much of a surprise to see the Galaxy S II run higher numbers than the Sensation’s. It’s still quite possible for a Snapdragon to hit 3000+ on Quadrant if it was placed inside a Galaxy S II with its lower-resolution Super AMOLED Plus screen.

      Take from that what you will, but at this point, it’s hard to say if the Hercules really is running a Snapdragon or if it could be running Exynos. Hm. In the end, guess I didn’t really help much lol

  • Mike

    Looks like it’s a big beast. Hopefully it’s pretty flat. I’d love to know the price.

  • Ryan M

    So I don’t get it.. Like why is it different than the bell GSII like is it like the vibrant and the captivate? Two different phones in the same line or what..?

    • Bains

      Screen size, possible chip in it, and instead of a home screen button there are the 4 buttons on the bottom

  • Richard

    I hope it is 4.3″ instead of 4.5″

  • Thai

    Judging by the battery life performance on my S2, this new one will last a full hour with moderate use. 🙁

    • Battery Life

      Tips of GS2 Owners with battery life issues:

      1. Install Juice Defender, leave it on the default policy. This improved my battery life 50%.

      2. Root phone and install Lightning Rom V5.0 until CynaogenMod 7 has a more complete build ready.

    • Jerrik

      @BatteryLife: Would I be able to install Lite’ning ROM 5.0 via CWM Recovery or does it have to be installed through Odin? I have CWM Recovery on my Galaxy S2 and I would like to flash the ROM through that procedure. When I looked on XDA, it looked like it was only giving the Odin option for that ROM.

    • aka


      The main issue with battery life is screen brightness and battery capacity. Check under Settings -> About -> Battery Use. I bet you Display is listed #1 on the list for % battery use.

      Since the recent Samsung units have over 1600 mAh batteries, I suspect it’s your screen brightness. I would hardly call using up over 1600 mAh batteries within the hour “moderate use”.

    • Zomby

      The biggest battery drain comes from thw Wi-Fi, expecially if it’s constantly searching for a network when none is available. I would go down to around 40% battery life after a full day’s work barely touching my phone during the day. Now I turn Wi-Fi off when I leave the house and I’m still at 96% by 5pm.

    • sharkhark

      huh? WTF are you doing with it? I have a gs2. what are u running? I have had mine one full week now and i get a day and a half out of the battery. I am about to charge it right now and i will not need to do so again until very late tomorrow nite or sunday. I have never gotten less than a day.

      one hour? sorry, thats BS.

    • Keri

      Is the battery life that bad? That is my main worry…I don’t want to have to recharge my phone in the middle of the day, especially when I am out!

  • andy

    Well….i have hear that Rogers may be getting the SGSII with the keyboard…I do wish they would have taken this one instead of the Infuse…Makes no sense to come out with a single core phone at the same time as everyone was release the dual cores…Hopefully we will hear something soon if not i will be picking up the telus version and getting it unlocked…

  • Jay

    Ohhh sexy mama! Looks like I’ll be bidding “So long g*y boy” to Rogers.

  • Alex Perrier

    One of those more expensive type of phones, but probably the best for someone who wants a contract.

  • whocares

    whats so good about it? doesnt seem like a gem to me…

  • EraqEE

    I like the similarity to the Nexus S, but I’m sticking with Stock Android from now on. Can’t wait to see what the so called Nexus Prime will look like!

    • cybik

      CyanogenMOD7 runs sweet on that bugger.


    It Looks GORGEOUS !!!

  • Zex

    Too little too late Telus, already dumped your a*s for Bell!

  • mark

    What does it mean by dual carrier mean really? My logic leads me to believe it supports two carriers right out of the box? Or doers this mean dual sim?

    • ??????

      Thats ok Mark, Telus doesn’t need you anyway!!! have fun at Bell.

  • Mita

    So by Dual-Carrier, is it Telus/Bell/Rogers cell-band with the Wind/Mobilicty/AWS (T-Mobile) cell-band?

    • OMG Ponies!

      It’s an upgrade to HSPA+ that allows doubling the 21mbps downlink speed, usually by increasing the bandwidth available.
      The phone is the first on in Canada to support dual-cell(dual-carrier) so it’s theoretical max DL is 42mbps.
      If you check Telus’ coverage map you’ll see the areas that have DC-HSPA+ coverage, so in those areas, this phone “should” download much faster on cellular data than any other phone. I say should, because I haven’t had any hands on time with it yet 🙂

    • aka

      Dual-Carrier is just another name for Dual-Cell technology, that combines 2 channels of HSPA+ 21 Mbps (Telus states real life average of 4-6 Mbps) to reach 42 Mbps (real life average of 7-14 Mbps) speeds.

      To quote their disclaimer : “Compatible device required. Actual speed may vary by device being used, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion, signal strength, and other factors.”

      With these real life speeds available, your data experience will be bottlenecked only by your cell phone capabilities, not the network. For now, until LTE reaches the market in 2012..

  • Jim

    Ooo la la

  • defectiveperk

    please. cell phone manufacturers can you stop making the screen sizes bigger? i have a 4.3 inch sensation and i can barely type in landscape how would i be able to type on a mini tablet sized screen?

    • mike oxbig

      I’m 6’7″, with very large hands. Having used smartphones always with a physical keyboard since the first Treos, I like that the 4.3″/4.5″ phones are coming out. I am currently using a TouchPro 2 with the keyboard out, usually one-handed. There are many phones out there for people with “normal” hands, glad there’s finally something for me and my friends. Can’t wait to see what the price is going to be!

    • aka

      No one is forcing you to buy this 4.5″ phone, there are plenty of options for the petite size hands, like the LG Optimus Chat for example, 😛

      As for me, this phone is perfect, something large enough to web browse on the go without having to “zoom in” all the time, but small and slim enough to fit into my shirt or jacket pocket.

      This October will be so exciting, so many awesome phones coming out!

  • OMG Ponies!

    Mmmmmmmm, yummy 🙂 Bell has been dropping the hammer with all those big phones lately, was only a matter of time before Telus launched a new flagship handset. Just glad it’s not lame, this is definitely something to get excited for!

  • matt

    It looks nice, but I’m worried about its battery life. My Desire barely lasts 12 hours with moderate usage.

  • yaketyak

    I sure hope it get released before the 6GB offering expires…c’mon September!

  • jim

    I think Rogers is going to launch GS2 LTE version when they launch the network in the major cities

  • alex

    My GF has an Infuse
    I habe a evo 3d
    4.5 inch screens are the way to go. my 4.3 feels tiny
    I picked up an Iphone 4 last weekend….so small and cramped!

  • Dan J

    Meh…. I’m enjoying my unlocked GS2 and have been for weeks now. You could have locked me in for another 3 years Telus, but you lose!

  • KnightFire

    My Robber$ account is up at the end of Aug., I’m a 10+ year customer and even I’m seriously considering jumping to Telus!

  • dan

    is this RIM’s new BlackBerry?

  • susuFOX

    Anyone know if Telus has a Sim Card (is it a GSM network?)
    Because in Wikipedia it sayes “iDEN, CDMA and HSPA+

    • Ken

      Telus uses sim cards.

  • EmperumanV

    One can only utilize thus phone fully on Telus to get the speed of “42Mbps”. Or maybe Rogers customers in Ottawa with LTE

    • KingK

      42mbps…good luck with that.

      You’ll be happy when you are getting 7 mbps if that.

  • Sirhc

    3,359 on a Quadrant benchmark is impressive. But not Jaw dropping. I’m getting 2645 from my Desire running MIUI with setcpu @1.2. Still, I think I might swing in to see what the upgrade cost will be when it hits the ground. Imagin what the MIUI Dev’s could do with this!

  • Olivier Labbé

    I still have a HTC Touch Diamond and looking to upgrade since FEBUARY!

    this is my upgrade… my touche diamond keep crashing! (I unlocked it and mod a little too much of my old beast)

  • JL

    Please, please actually be fast. 15-20mbps down (on average) on a 42mbps capable device/ network isn’t too much to ask. That would be Verizon LTE speeds and awesome! Bell Galaxy S II gets like 6-10 on a 21mbps device so the same ratio would be acceptable.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    “The pic that was sent into us shows that it just scored an impressive/remarkable/stunning 3,359 on a Quadrant benchmark.”

    Can you give some scores of other devices, like the flagships out on the market today, to provide a basis for comparison? I’ve got no idea what 3,359 actually means.

  • barry

    good lord, whoever gets this is going to look like a douche.

  • Ash

    So stoked for this, please drop soon.

  • KingK

    Just so you know Galaxy S2 with Tegra did ~4000 on Quadrant Stock.

    So it’s possible this is a snapdragon variant being helped by lower resolution/better software coding

    Another possibility is the Snapdragon is clocked @1.5ghz

  • Shamu

    Now I am getting excited!!..this is one BEAUTIFUL looking phone. I saw the Samsung guy at Telus HQ today. He wasn’t sharing anything about the timing or specs. I did see him using his tablet. That is another hot product.

  • Lucas

    jeez this isn’t a phone its a tablet.. 🙁

  • krstnlndsy

    I seriously cannot wait for this to be released. I’m so sick of my Desire…..

  • michael

    Could this same phone clocked at 1.5GHz and HD resolution be the next Nexus Prime ?

    F**k 4.5″, I say it’s too big… 4.2″ should be max for handset.

  • Dhi

    the Telus GS2 has a bigger screen than the Rogers or Bell version by 1/4 in and no hard button on the bottom, just softkeys.

  • Jer

    Personally, I’m not liking the chrome band. All black would’ve given it a more cleaner look.

  • Dell Ink Coupons

    This is one of the devices that will surely be loved by the consumers! It looks like it is worthy of any amount of money.

  • ainyul

    any more news on when this phone is coming out..?

  • Dwize

    Hi ! does any one know? samsung G S2 hercules work with anykind of s penn / app simmiler to galaxy note? Thanks ..