Image: TELUS Samsung Galaxy SII “Hercules”


  • Steve

    Hoooolllllyyy freeeeeakkkk!!!!!!!! Android FTW Sweet telus!

  • Hiscock

    If this is true, I guess I’ll be leaving rogers for Telus. HTC status for the wife, and one of these for myself 😉

  • Kemist

    Samsung is Beast!

  • Donny

    wow, Telus comes through. staying and Sold 🙂

  • Mistic

    Hope it will be released soon, right in perfect time for my upgrade !

  • Wait What?!

    Explain why it “must” be heading to TELUS? You give zero reasoning for your assertion.

    • Whitney

      The cellphone is displaying a Telus stock ticker.

    • Sined

      TELUS seems to have a nack for snatching up T-Mo variants of phones but get them with 950/1900MHz 3G.

      They did it by getting the T-Mo’s version of the Galaxy S. They did it again with the T-Mo Galaxy S 4G.
      It only made sense that they would be getting the T-Mo rumored Hercules.

  • Dilla

    for the love of god, rogers better get this phone too

  • DarkisFever

    Finally! 😀

  • Frank

    Man, so glad I waited a couple weeks instead of jumping ship to Bell or buying an unlocked one full price!

    • bob

      You are not done waiting however. It took Telus 4 months (more than Bell) for to get the Galaxy S1.

    • OMG Ponies!

      This will be an early fall release.

  • Abe

    Im sure Rogers will get there own version of the S2. The biggest wireless company we have and Samsung wants to sell as much as these as they can, it only makes sense people.

  • Andy

    The stock price widget in the photo is showing telus stock price. Would be weird if it was set up that way but the phone was going to rogers instead

  • Wait What!?

    Why “must” this phone be heading top TELUS? Explain your reasoning for this assertion.

  • replytothisnews

    Those complaining about lag of powerful device in telus should be happy about it.

    • Lucas

      THATS ME 🙂

  • no more nexus for me

    solid andif true i hope it priced ok

  • Wait What!?

    The widget which happens to have TELUS’s stock price is the reason for the, “must being heading to TELUS” comment. I guess I understand that logic, however, that fact is far from verification. We’ll see!

  • daguy

    Everything about this phone is awesome… except for the screen size. It’s just a little to big for the resolution. On the other hand, it has the proper 4 button layout that the regular galaxy s II lacks, and a 42Mbps modem, which is awesome!

  • ken

    i think im gonna cry. I found my next phone. Right when I thought TELUS had fallen asleep at the wheel. Now hurry up to market TELUS. I want to spend my money.

  • Revtim


  • CaseyM

    um, ya. looks better than the gs2 nexus s and crap infuse.

    • notCaseyM

      Looks way better than the gs2? You realize this IS the gs2, right?

      I can’t wait for this!

  • Lexcyn

    YES! Hopefully more details soon. Want this NAO.

  • D

    This and the infuse are just to big IMO. My SGS2 already feels big in my pocket.

    • big

      that’s what she said

  • cody

    I love that telus gets the version without the crappy home button 🙂

  • David R.

    Truly amazes me how Rogers, Canada’s largest cellphone provider, has still not launched the SG2 or some variant of it… Don’t get me wrong, if Telus does launch this phone I’d be more than happy for all you Telus people out there, but it would just make me so much more angry that Rogers still hasn’t…

  • peter

    I think I rather get the LG Chat 😉

  • Ben

    come on rogers needs to get this one!

  • Ben

    come on rogers needs to get this!

  • Slype

    Hopefully heading to one of the newer carriers! Do want!

  • Marc

    This phone looks really nice, but the screen won’t look amazing with that current resolution, so graphics and texts won’t be as crisp. I do believe, Rogers will bring out something good after everyone has thought they weren’t going to, sort of like what’s happening here. Maybe the rumoured Xperia Duo? Or something good, unless they plan on having a bunch of subscribers go to Bell and Telus. 🙂

  • Darren

    So is 42mbps radio a LTE radio?

    • bob

      No, it’s DC-HSPA+

  • Todd

    Until further details emerge, for all we know, this could just be Telus’ version of the Infuse instead of the Galaxy S2. Even if it was a dual core phone, the release could be months away as this hasn’t even been announced by Samsung yet. Everyone knew the S2 was coming way before it was actually released.

    My cynical point of view is that Telus purposely released this tidbit to try to prevent losing customers that are unhappy with their current phone line up. There are no specs or a release date, just a little hint to lead you along.

    • aka


      Here we go with the conspiracy theories..

  • Netguru

    Samsung Hercules was reported by other sites in May with full specs. T-Mobile’s release date is September 21st. The word is that T-Mo will offer it at $200 on a 2-year contract.

  • Donovan


    Telus you came through once again!!!!!

  • Duo

    rogers should release the sony ericsson duo in the fall. it will be a true competitor to others if specs remain true to rumor

  • Mike E

    Sweet lord, let this be real. As a Telus customer I’ve been feeling like the red headed stepchild lately with all the Bell/Rogers love-ins. I may even have said bad things about Telus. But this would erase all hard feelings.

  • Lucas

    Way too big if you ask me. 4.3 was already too big… Also, there isn’t any guarantee that this will have 42mbps. unless its released in 6 months from now when the technology is available, but by that time every phone will be 42mbps

  • ELNY

    YESSSS!!!! TELUS!! Now I don’t have to leave and go to Bell!!!

  • Nadim

    This wasn’t in the BGR lineup leak which either means its launching real soon or it may not be a Telus device or they just missed it. It could also be a Telus Employee testing out the phone and could be a T-Mobile Hercules…

    • skrutor

      Exactly. Until we get some more info than an over-the-shoulder snapshot, this could easily just be an Android fan who has access to T-Mobile’s upcoming stock. This scenario could be re-enacted every time a new phone is released in Europe or Asia and someone activates it on a network here. Still hoping though…

  • JKL

    need more details 😀

  • Rick

    TELUS for the win

    Best service out of the big three, they have always been so helpful

    Can’t wait to have this big boy

  • soey22

    This phone would be useless on Rogers since their HSPA+ maxs out at 21, while Telus and Bell can take advantage of the dual HSPA+ 42 that this phone offers.

  • nat

    I know it isn’t much but the telus stocks may be a hint to where this is going and like soey said, why would rogers pick this up if it can’t utilize it fully? that would be a b***h to the telus customers. on a more personal and selfish side note, i’m on rogers and i’m perfectly content with upgrading to the evo 3d but if a gs2 comes in the coming weeks or is at least announced then i think i’ll hold off. please god let rogers announce the qwerty keyboard gs2. the only thing missing with the evo 3d for me is the internal memory. if it had the 16gb plus expandable memory i wouldn’t even think twice about getting the 3d.

  • Canadaboy

    Wind version needed

  • Zex

    Too late Telus, I already dumped you for Bell 5 days ago!

    • aka

      I laugh at the early adopters of the S II that paid hundreds to cancel and switch to Bell when they could have waited.

  • Olivier Labbé

    Ok, i’m putin some money on the side for this baby!

  • Frank

    Wait, so is this not the SGS2 that bell has? It’s a different phone all together?

  • eh0K

    Didn’t that Telus road-map from last week have a Samsung phone launching on Oct 1? Would make sense as a launch date seeing how the 6gb of data plan ends the day before.

  • Andre F

    I just wish that the screen would be smaller.

  • Maxpower

    I know in Korea there are 2 different versions of the GSII depending on the carrier. This may be the same case here.

  • Terwax

    This means Rogers will get the one with slide out keyboard. No thanks.

    Going Evo 3D. Its already big, don’t make it thicker.

    Last time telus got the keyboard, bell has kept their design and i read some news of AT & T having slide out keyboard.

  • adam

    The Hercules was rumored to be carrying both t-mobile and At&t bands so this makes sense that it is on telus as they use the same band as At&t.

  • Steve

    I’m with Telus and I’ve been disappointed enough these past weeks that I don’t want to believe this only to be disappointed again.

    It could be a “test device” that Telus are checking out. I remember a few months back people were saying on the forums here that they’ve seen a Galaxy S2 test device on Telus and that it was coming. We all know that it didn’t come.

    This could also just be a Samsung prototype and the stock ticker could simply be one that alternates between the stock symbols of the Big 3. Something that Samsung set up as part of a demo.

  • Dipol

    72 comments!! LOL
    Why am I with RObbers??

    • Canadaboy

      Because mobilesyrup is now embedding link backs as comments, and also hasn’t fixed the linkback layout so it disrupts the flow.

  • anon

    Just to clarify, Rogers does carry the Samsung Infuse 4G, sure it might not pack a dual-core, but it is a pretty sweet device.

  • Peters

    Telus plans suck

  • coyote748

    about time

  • peter~

    Would’t believe the hype. Telus? Come on their phones suck , and plans are expensive. Telus cs rep wanted to charge me $85 for a voice/data plan that Rogers and Bell sells for $65!
    Stating a fact here folks. Do your homework.

  • Jonathan Jeon

    Ok, First of all, Galaxy S2 is just as bad as Galaxy S. Our company sales staff are using it from KT in South Korea and also in UK. I hear lot of complaints regarding WIFI, as well as unknown reason sometimes the phone reboots itself. Also, camera bug was fixed with the patch, but still having issues with capturing AVI because when call comes in it still records and there is no way to turn AVI off – and phone just jitters.
    Its another iPhone wannabee…

  • Western Shark

    I think this is what we’ve all been waiting for – for several months now. Very glad I stayed with Telus. I hope they release soon.

  • Swigg

    see you later desire, you served me nicely…

  • Ash

    Was already in the works of moving my number over to Bell and pay a contract termination with Telus. Really hope hope this is the answer to all my waiting it out.Please bring me this soon! Ready for a change.

  • sharkhark

    Can Ian take a guess at when this would likely come out with Telus? I realize its a guess…i am leaving rogers who announced the captivate release then were way late to the mark…so i know it is a guess?
    but if u had to..when would u guess it would come? Rogers is releasing me early due to poor coverage in NS and I will start a new plan….likely with telus..but can only hold off so long………..any guess?

  • seller

    you guys dont read worth a s**t…. ‘that must be heading to telus’… doesnt mean its heading to telus….

  • Matt

    Sick, time to upgrade from my Desire. I knew Telus would come through with a new Android “superphone” eventually.

  • Varun Gupta

    Can not wait for this device to come out. I was so hoping for a device with a 4.5″ screen and a dual core and that too a super amoled plus with android 2.3. Super awesome. I am with telus and have been regretting it but with this phone, things might change. I just wish it comes out soon and I can get one.
    Excited! 🙂

  • peters~

    I think Mobilesyrup should remove this from their front page. Its not written in stone.

  • Darren

    I am Soooo ready to upgrade from my crappy Milestone.. No more Motorola for me…
    Hope this report is correct, Telus needs a power house, I am ready to bail for Bell.

  • roach anne

    sukkuu ma dikkuuu all rogers fans

  • Liviu

    How can you say “Hello” to something that doesn’t exist?? Did you go to the Telus’ webpage? There is nothing about this phone there, not even a pre-order form for a future release like it was on Bell’s site for the non-Hercules!

  • Liviu

    Where did my other comment go?? I saw it for a sec then it was gone? Was it because you didn’t like it?

  • Finally?

    It always takes so long for us to get the latest phones. Some companies will apparently launch quad-cores in the 1st quarter… and we still only have about 3 decent dual-core phones. At least Telus would finally be getting something good. I was considering switching to virgin for the GSII 4G, but this would be incentive enough to stay. Let’s hope that it is not just a rumour, or worse, a phone with lower end specs.

  • looser

    Its going to WIND

  • Peters~

    @Finally? If Telus came out with Hercules tomorrow I would sign up with Telus. But as you mentioned…its the waiting game.

  • medbro

    i dont get it, since its running on the T-Mo bands shouldn’t it be coming to videotron since they’re the only ones using the T-Mo bands in canada?

  • Bilal

    no one here is excited about BlackBerry phones? why not?

  • Azim

    Telus seems very s l o w to integrate new products. With new tablets arriving to market, Telus always follower than leader.

  • Dwize

    Whats new From HTC for telus any insiders info ?????

  • Marcel

    Just came from a Rogers store and they dont carry the Gs2 they have the GS Infuse and its a nice phone not even close to the GS2 and as for Telus there website says coming soon..

  • danger

    just returned my fascinate for one of these. the telus rep said he is expecting them in the next few weeks just in time for the iphone 4s launch.