Competition Bureau fines Bell $10 million for misleading advertising

The Competition Bureau have reached an agreement with Bell today that will see them fork over $10 million for misleading advertising. The Bureau said that Bell has been advertising prices for various services since 2007 that “were not in fact available” and hiding details within the fine print. Bell stated that they fundamentally disagree with the outcome but “has decided to immediately resolve the issue and move forward by paying”.

The Bureau notes that the impacted services include the Bell home phone, Internet, satellite TV and wireless. As a result Bell must “modify all of its non-compliant advertisements within 60 days” and pay the $10 million penalty.

Melanie Aitken, Commissioner of Competition, said “I am pleased that Bell cooperated with the Bureau’s investigation and is taking steps to correct the misleading advertisements. When a price is offered to consumers, it must be accurate. Including a fine-print disclaimer is no licence to advertise prices that are not available.”

Source: Competition Bureau

Via: CNW

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