HP offering early Pre users $50 rebate on TouchPad


  • billa

    Another tablet FAIL! just like the BB PlayBook….Lol

    • TheDeysion

      Except It’s Better

  • Sean

    If they really want it to succeed the need a competitive price point. That price is the same as the Xoom and that one was seen as a failure because people didn’t want to pay the steep price when there are cheaper alternatives.

    I’m all for competition and what not but in the world of the deeply entrenched iPad and android tablets having the big community behind them really people will develop apps for one or two operating systems and that’s the one and in this day and age you can have an amazing tablet with good specs and operating system but if there are no or few apps it just won’t succeed and be the tablet to beat(playbook)

    Flame me if you want but if you read this i guarantee there will be at least one point you will go “hmm he’s right on that”

  • Jay

    32GB model is $619, minus the $50 rebate gets you $569. The 16GB version is $519… Galaxy Tab 10.1 preorder, $499. Need I say more? Ok, I will… Fail!

  • Sean

    16 GB Transformer 399 Need I say more and with the rebate it is $30 less then the xoom

  • ra

    I dont think minor price difference is a major factor. Playbook , xoom etc failed because they were useless. I buy most of the new tablets and phones. playbook didnt do anything special, it was just an expensive wifi enabled web browser. Playbook would succeed if it had 3g/4g and pin messenger and apps, email and calendar.
    xoom is just huge and useless.

    touchpad does have some cool feature such as transfering call from webos phone to touch pad etc. there is a chance it will success but depends on lots of other factors aswell such as build quality and overall os. I think only time will tell.

  • Terwax

    Should i wait for tera 3 later this year (quad core) or pre order this?

    I will be getting galaxy s2 and need a tablet. Don’t want to be android has its just oversized phone anyway in the end.

    Or should i wait for next year for these devices to mature?? Right now every single company is making tablets and we don’t know which will give updates etc

    This one doens’t have back camera but im cool with that

  • pasuljko

    Marketing 101:

    If competing against well estabilished competitor you have 2 options:

    1) Superior product at the same price
    2) Same quality/feature wise product at a lower price

    In a tablet market, I am still waiting for someone to do option #1, Asus Transformer went with option #2 and is now the best selling Android tablet.

    HP chose the higher price for a unproven product with a somewhat inferior hardware specs.

    Now, imagine Touchpad (or Playbook) at 399? Will that change everything? I think it would…

  • Sap

    The only two serious tablets I’d consider are the yet to be released Toshiba Thrive and the amazing Fujitsu TH40/D. Everything else is just either an over-sized smartphone or a feature-clipped touch notebook. Alas! considering the “bling” mania in N.America, chances of these gaining any significant market is slim 🙁

  • ToniCipriani

    MS, correct your article. Pre 2’s not eligible.

  • Rich

    OLD Pre phones are available on just about carrier. However, the new line up on phones isn’t available on every carrier (yet). So a discount on the TouchPad was one of the few things HP could do that could ‘benefit’ everyone.

    With that said, yes the price point is too high on the TP.

  • J Farrell

    If you purchased a Palm Pre they should give you condolences, and the TouchPad for free. I think it’s a pretty fair trade considering how poor a product the Palm Pre really is.