Virgin Mobile to release the HTC Sensation at $499.99?


  • TheDeysion

    Good News

  • Reggie Noble

    Step #1: Buy phone at Virgin
    Step #2: Unlock phone
    Step #3: Use phone on Rogers network
    Step #4: Laugh at Rogers crappy phone lineup

    • Jake

      Step 5) Than suffer from people laughing at you cause you can’t make calls due to being on Rogers network.

    • jackson

      I hope you know that the virgin mobile version of this phone wont work on the rogers network since rogers uses a different frequency from which virgin uses and virgin uses CDMA technology, and rogers uses GSM tech.

    • Reg

      @ Jackson – you do realize that Bell owns Virgin Mobile Canada and that they run on both a CDMA and HSPA network right? And the version of the HTC Sensation will be the same on both Bell and Virgin, as the iPhone 4 currently is, HSPA ready, not CDMA. Google is your friend.

    • Whocares

      @ Jake – I think you’re confused; that’s WIND and Mobilicity’s networks you’re talking about.

  • crunch204

    how does this make sense

  • daguy

    Give me more than 1GB of data for a decent price (like you are going to do for Quebec tomorrow) and I will switch over immediately. They can do much better than their current make-sure-not-to-undercut-Bell prices.

  • EmperumanV

    If only Bell had it for the same price.

  • Reggie Noble

    @Jake. Sorry, it looks like the auto-correct on your phone or computer accidentally typed in “Rogers”, instead of “Wind Mobile”.

    @jackson. LOL, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Virgin (owned by Bell) uses the same 3G frequency as Rogers.

  • EmperumanV

    I was gonna say that @jackson’s comment is quiet incorrect.

  • Sean

    I think Jackson was thinking of Virgin in the states… Also yeah you have to admit rogers has no real compelling devices…

  • JazzyJazz

    I understand steps 1-4 but why not go on Bell network? Is it due to customer service? I am on Bell using Atrix. I think the network is alright at least better than my previous experience with Rogers. Overall I have no complains. I just want to understand that given a decent plan why would there be a preference in Rogers or Telus networks?

  • Reggie Noble

    @jazzyjazz. Why not go with Bell?

    My current plan with Rogers:
    300 Daytime min
    Evenings and weekends at 6
    Unlimited Rogers to Rogers and unlimited Rogers to Fido
    Unlimited Incoming calls
    1000 Canadian Long distance minutes
    Caller id, voicemail and text
    6gb of data
    Cost= $55 a month. That’s why.

  • Anon

    Buy from Virgin.

    Insert my Bell SIM.


  • David

    How much do you think it will cost to have this phone unlocked?

  • Kemist

    @Reggie Noble Well said

  • Nashat

    Unfortunately, Rogers digital home phone does not srpuopt third-party LD options such as 10-10-YAK . If you do a lot of calling to India, it would be worth changing to the Asia For You plan as your direct dialled calls to India would be only $0.10/min, and you calls within North America would be $0.06/min.