TELUS launching the LG Optimus Black “Skype edition” this Summer


  • Adam

    “In addition, future Skype credits will be directly charged to you monthly bill.”


    If I want skype on a phone, I’ll install it.

    • bob

      Agreed, there is no point to a “skype phone”.

  • Jim R

    Will Skype work over 3G or just wifi?

    • bob

      I know it’s pathetic but it’s Canada and it’ Robellus, so that should answer your question…

    • aka

      it works over 3G and Wifi.

    • J9

      Hi Jim R,
      Skype will work over 3G+(4G) and over wi-fi. The Skype to Skype and IM on this device is unlimited. The Skype Credits are for Skyping to a mobile phone or landline phone internationally.

  • CS

    so they give us free internation credit and you guys just start complaining…wow

    • andy c

      let’s see… better device or skype credits and easier billing?

      i’ll take the better device and install skype myself

    • bob

      60 min of voip is worth like what? 60¢? Thanks Telus for making a so generous offer! Especially since you will ask over $1800 for this device over 3 years!

    • aka

      @CS – I haven’t seen an article here where there were no whiners, just don’t feed the trolls.

      Everyone is mocking this now, but there are so many people using Skype now on their computers, there is a huge market potential (remember MSFT bought Skype for $8.5 Billion?), and you don’t need this phone to do it. But the advertising for Skype can not be underestimated.

      Also there’s currently no standard cell phone app to use video calling with, Skype is filling this void with its popularity. And Telus is willing to simplify your billing for this service, I don’t have a problem with that.

  • Zex

    Get a damn dual core phone Telus!!

  • monsterduc1000

    Why couldn’t they do this with the Optimus 2x and bring us a more future proof phone with a dual core processor? I’m sure this is a capable phone, but come on. Only one dual core phone (Atrix) from the big three so far? FAIL!!!

  • Jonathan

    This would be a good oportunity if Skype Video call would actually work on Android….No Video call yet… don’t know what skype is doing, most of the new Android phone now have a Front Video cam!! wake up skype.

  • KC

    I don’t know if you noticed Telus, but LG is losing market share faster then everyone but Nokia these days. Maybe that’s a hint that WE DON’T WANT ANY MORE POS LG CRAP IN YOUR LINE UP. Seriously, I know your solid relationship with LG goes all the way back to the clearNET (original not new Zombie edition) days, but come on. Please fire everyone associated with choosing your handsets and hire better people.

    It’s embarrassing.

    Bell has the Atrix, and that’s fine it’s over priced for the accessories anyway and you have to put up with MotoBlur. But you let them steal the HTC Sensation to!! Yeah, the Galaxy II is gonna be great but it;s also going to be on every carrier in the world! Why do your exclusives have to be shitty LGs?

    No wonder Telus will never successfully overtake Bell for number two carrier in Canada despite Bell having the worlds worst customer service.

    • Adam

      Ummm, Telus has a far better lineup than Rogers, and could be the best of the big-3.

      They at least get HTC devices.

      with Rogers, you get the Captivate, Nexus S and a whole bunch of shitty Sony Ericcson phones.

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, what a terrible phone in terms of specs. No dual core, and doesn’t even come with Gingerbread, tsk tsk. Definitely LG is losing market share here.

    • Jim R

      It will depend on the price whether LG loses market share on this phone. If it’s priced like a low-to-mid end phone it may be OK. If it’s priced like a high end phone, then it won’t be.

      Not everyone wants a high end phone (and accompanying price). E.g., my 2 kids have the $150 Koodo Optimus One and are perfectly happy with that phone – and I’m happy with the price.

    • KC

      I was speaking in general terms that LG is losing ground in the mobile phone market very rapidly and HTC and Samsung appear ot be eating their lunch.

      Plus, you know the phone is lackluster if the carrier has to attach a ridiculous marketing ploy to it at launch in order to dupe unsuspecting buyers into signing on the dotted line for it. If the phone is not good on it’s own merits, then don’t buy it.

      LG’s Optimus brand is not well recognized because the phones are poor when compared side by side with the competition. Odd since LG makes the “retina” display for the iPhone and the piss poor iPad 2 screens. So maybe it’s a coin toss with LG whether you get something good or a POS. Either way, it’s not worth bothering with them at all when the competition has better products from a technical point of view AND better track records for reliability and build quality.

      But sadly, Telus thinks little of the Canadian buying public and has always figured we want the phone equivalent of gruel with the majority of their line up being as bland and tasteless.

      Thus, fire those in charge of handset procurement as the current strategy of going for the bronze has resulted in 10 years of 3rd place performance. Why does the competition sell more? Because the competition buys phones people want more. Cause it sure as s**t ain’t their pricing, coverage, or customer service.

    • J9

      Its being updated to gingerbread very shortly…stay tuned!

  • Casey

    I’m an Android guy. Love it. But Skype on Android is awful and it doesn’t appear that Skype is too keen on improving it. Getting purchased by Microsoft isn’t going to help either.

  • Ryan

    Since buying the LG Chocolate flip for myself and the LG Chocolate slider for my wife nearly 3 years ago – I will never go back to an LG product. Getting stuck on a 3 year contract with a LEMON phone with Telus, to hell with them.

    • sookster54

      LG phones are actually very good now, I had a Chocolate and Voyager before and they both sucked, but LG are so much better on the Android platform.

  • roman129

    So this skype edition adds no value to the user, only more fragmentation.

    Also, why is it taking so long to add video calling to Android?

  • Sid

    The only advantage to this phone would be if you could get it with only a data plan and make a all calls through Skype. But since it’s not mentioned in the article, I’m guessing that’s not the case and this is just a waste of money creating a brand awareness for something that’s exactly like everything else.

  • pflorin

    this is the dumbest idea ive ever heard.. Skype bouught by microsoft and the phone runs Android. HAHAHHAHAHA

  • foxxx89

    Will the LG Optimus Skype Edition be able to create wi-fi hotspot for other devices?

  • Syrenz

    Want the LG optimus black… good phone that should work on WIND. Could care less about Skype branding.

  • sookster54

    I hope Telus allows Skype to install on Blackberry, right now at skype’s website it says it’s “not available for your phone” when there’s clearly a BB version. Skype works quite well on Android, I use it from time to time on my Desire while out of town.

  • Downhill Dude

    Wow, does that thing ever look like the Samsung Fascinate.

  • Tyler Krane

    when does it come out ??????????

  • Patrick

    Ok telus ur joking with the LG crap. U are losing ground to bell fast . In the newspaper today said samsung an htc are leading the phone market for the summer. Samsung sold 3,000,000 phones in 55 days so why LG . suggestion HTC EVO bring it over from the states with new upgrades and get back in the race

  • Patrick

    Ok Telus bell beet u out for the htc sensation and the Samsung galaxy 2. Then rogers beet u out for the LG optimus 2 and htc EVO the best selling phone in the states . Okay Telus now the samsung hercules is coming to Canada and this phone is a monster so Telus can u please do something to get this phone u are geting killed by rogers and bell