BlackBerry PlayBook heading to Koodo?


  • Brian

    Even Sears sells it, so wouldn’t be surprising.

  • Jay

    Fido and a couple other of the “small guys” have it too, although it’s not really advertised that they do. You kinda have to ask.

  • Victor

    Who ever posted this is the dumbest person ever! The brochures you see is a Blackberry contest for Telus/Koodo associates to win a Blackberry Playbook! Koodo will NOT release the Palybook so don’t get excited!

  • di

    The PlayBook is available almost everywhere, so are you that impressed that Koodo will be added to the list? On a side note, the video showing the “box” of the packaging seems to be cut out or taped onto something at the bottom which makes me wonder…does this website take almost anything and post it online to get a response or reaction? *sigh* Real and significant information should be posted.