Clement: Targeting to auction 700MHz spectrum “by late 2012”


  • Greg

    so what does this mean? more competition?

  • Peter R.

    Bring on the T-Mobiles, Verizon’s, and any other competitors! Maybe the consumer can win in the end.

  • Alex Davies

    so yeah, no LTE networks in Canada until 2012. That really sucks. Verizon will be lauching their LTE network in the near year. Yes of course it will be limited to certain areas, but still it would have been cool if Rellus launched theirs in urban areas like Toronto, Montreak, Edmonton and Vancouver too in 2011…

  • JAWG

    This only means before politicians lose in the next election or retire they want to make more under the table deals to benefit financially…nothing new!

    Why does the word Wind come to mind!

  • A

    Don’t quote bloomberg with this crap. 2500 is faster? Obviously you have no idea what your talking about, band has nothing to do with the speed. It is only the frequency that the channel is carried on. Yes propagation patterns are different between the 2 bands and 700 is the holy grail for rural deployment because you can use a lot fewer sites to provide coverage and yes it penetrates buildings better, but come on… get real with your commentary and don’t blow smoke based on non factual comments. the technology and channel width determines the speed, not the frequency that the channel is on.

  • jarr

    big win for the big 3!

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Re: , no LTE networks in Canada until 2012.

    Not necessarily true. The incumbent carriers have stated they intend to use their newly acquired AWS spectrum for LTE. And Public Mobile said at one point that their PCS G Band spectrum could also be used for LTE and the equipment to do so is already prepared for when the time comes.

  • jarr

    that’s a big lie Charles. They are not looking to use LTE in that band, 700 MHz is where it’s at.

  • Hareton

    Late 2012 is good time, cause Wind hopefully could afford to buy some more spectrum by then, and compete more directly with Robelus by offering the same phones.

  • Hareton

    Rogers publicly said that it will do 4G on its AWS spectrum, and Rogers also said their 4G network will be LTE, ergo LTE on AWS.

    And both Rogers and Bell are currently testing LTE right now, most likely on AWS because its the only free spectrum they have.

    • chall2k5

      Just because robellus are using the 850/1900 bands for edge, cdma, and 3G(+) (between them) doesnt mean there isnt sufficient channel width to acccomodate LTE testing

  • Sid

    Theoretically, LTE can be used on any frequency. Realistically, if Verizon and AT&T are going to implement it on the 700MHz frequency, that’s what all the carriers in Canada are going to do as well.

    It took Tmobile quite some time to get 3G devices on their AWS spectrum because they were the only ones using it and they have more customers than Canada’s population. Think about how hard it would be for the Canadian carriers to get manufacturers to make LTE phones for them using a different frequency for our relatively small market.

  • jarr

    it doesn’t matter if Rogers owns AWS and LTE can work on AWS.

    Rogers will do LTE on 700 MHz. That’s why they want the spectrum. All the important companies (Verizon, AT&T) are using 700 MHz. Hence, t here will be a much more vibrant smartphone and device ecosystem for 700 MHz. Rogers will not want to be left out of having the next best iPhone or Android device optimized for 700 MHz LTE.