TELUS intros new upgrade structure with the “Early Device Upgrade Fee” (EDUF)

TELUS has introduced a new upgrade initiative today that’s part of their Clear and Simple Device Upgrade program and could see you getting a device earlier than expected. In the doc that we were sent it allows certain customers to “upgrade your device before the end of your term, simply pay the Early Device Upgrade fee and get a new device at full discount. This fee is calculated based on the discount you originally received when your contract began, plus the number of months remaining on your contract. The longer you wait, the lower your fee!”

Here’s how it works. Depending on what device you have and how many months you have left on your contract will determine the cost to upgrade early. The doc gives this example and price structure:

Feature phone/Smartphone – with no min. data commitment (i.e. Elevate, Banter) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $5 x number of months remaining in contract

Smartphone – with minimum data commitment (i.e. Bold, Desire) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $10 x number of months remaining in contract

Premium Device (i.e. iPhone) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $15 x number of months remaining in contract

Tina has a BlackBerry Pearl and wants to upgrade to a 16GB iPhone 4. She has 12.4 months left on contract. What does Tina pay to upgrade?

Early Device Upgrade Fee (paid on next bill):
13 months (12.4 rounded up to 13) x $10 = $130
New Device cost: Apple iPhone 16GB 3 year price: $159
Tina pays $289

There are exceptions to those who are eligible for this. Business and Corporate Bans are not included in this. Clients within the first 6 months of their contract and Credit Limit Protection (CLP) clients are not eligible. Reading over the doc there are also some opportunities for customers to get the EDUF waived but it’s based on how much you spend a month and the time left you have on your contract.

We posted this yesterday in the Forum and you the link we were given telusmobility.com/upgrading is not yet live, but the program kicked off today. More here in the Forum

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