Rogers device list confirms X10 Mini & Nokia N97 Mini


  • Karam

    Your coverage of Rogers is pretty unreliable to say the least. I can never find anything on the internet that confirms your speculation.

  • Dan

    What happened to the X10 Mini Pro??

  • Richard

    Damn.. I wanted to see the Galaxy S on that list!

  • Candido Nogueira

    It must be a type-o. There is no such thing as a N87 Mini. That pic is a N97 mini.

  • Nico

    It also shows BB 9100 as an exclusive, when Bell and Telus will also be carrying it lol.
    Probably won’t be seeing a Galaxy S version til Back to School time (Sept)…

  • Jamie

    Haha This is Canada, don’t expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S anytime soon.. Probably looking at holiday or Q1 2011 release before we get that sucker on this side of the border.

  • Mike

    I think that’s fake; They’re listing the 8310 which has been discontinued within Rogers’ inventory system.

  • Jordan

    Also wondering what happened to the Mini Pro.

  • nakul

    looks pretty fake, the 8310 in the photo clearly looks photoshopped.

  • Chris D

    this is real. I work for Rogers and these are coming soon

  • Joe

    this is a picture from the Q2 sales guide, it’s definitely legit

  • Thomas

    It says Nokia N87 Mini on the picture, not N97 mini. WTF

  • Otto Yiu

    Activesync on Android phones? I thought Activesync are only for WM….

  • EQ

    @Otto Yiu
    Active Sync works for other mobile OS as well, including IPhone, Android and Symbian. Microsoft licenses it so that other devices can also sync with exchange servers

  • Koolaid drinker

    It looks photoshopped….. I but Rogers was making money by somehow making people think it was real.

    Perhaps we could have some complain about a 3 yr contract….. Or how Europe is better.

  • alex

    Rogers needs to make a plan thats line this: unlimited ontario calling, 2 gb data, unlimited north american texting, call display vociemail, call waiting and offer phones @ 2 year contracts, not 3…

  • Guy

    Looks like the n97 will be a smartphone. Would have been nice if it was eligible for UMB like the 5800, but I suppose that was wishful thinking.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    100% real i have one lol you want email pics of every page post it up lmao

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    that pissed me off when i seen tha mag said n87 mini.. its ugly..
    but now reading tha comments & looking closer at tha actual pic, it is tha n97 mini clearly.
    **which runs symbian & is technically a smartphone OS**

    i thought it was dumb that they do not show afew phones like sony x1 but show a disconntinued black berry..
    there is alot more on that page plus tha other page, as that is part of a two page spread.

    i didnt think it was any thing special, there laying around my work.. hardly seems a secret

    it does say ” May 03 2010 – August 03 2010 customer sales guide – Atlantic region ” on my copy – im in ontriao

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    “exclucive to rogers” is regaurding upgrade options in tha box above tha phones.. *Not pictured*

  • Natalie Smith

    I really love the QWERTY keypad so I really hope they release the Mini Pro!!!