Update: Rogers Xperia X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro launching May or June, plus price plans


  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®


    No thanks to Rogers, Or SonyEricson And there Crap Netscape & Mediascape Garbage..lol

    The X10 is sexy tho..


  • Abe Z

    Your crazy, have you even tried the X10? i think its great and i am going to purchase the X10 in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    SWEET!!! waitin for mini pro, mini pro all the way!

  • JW

    The Mini Pro may end up surprising Rogers with its popularity — there is currently only one Android with a physical keyboard available in Canada and it is a little too high-end for many users. Expect the Mini Pro to appeal to the casual Blackberry crowd.

  • LLyreO

    I heard the Mini Pro’s keyboard has keys that are too close together – not good for me. I may have to visit a Rogers store to see it for myself. And if the small screen size will do for viewing videos and photos.

  • Nico

    There’s currently 3 Androids in Canada
    1) Motorola Milestone (Telus) currently the best qwerty Android
    2) HTC Dream (Rogers) unfortunately outdated now
    3) LG Eve (Rogers) low end, resistive touchscreen

    When Rogers gets the X10 Mini Pro, it will be the best qwerty Android offered by Rogers, but I hope for a better qwerty Android (hint Samsung Galaxy S Pro).

  • Abe Z

    Nico..im sure theres more than 3 android phones in Canada.

  • Guizmo

    There’s more than 3 android phones in canada, but they’re talking about android phones with a physical qwerty keyboard.

    otherwise there’s the hero at telus, and some samsung over at bell.

    I hope i’ll be able to manage something with fido so that i can get the rogers x10 mini pro with the 3 years contract with fido instead of moving to rogers.

    otherwise i’ll have to go with my initial plan to buy an unlocked one from the states on ebay.

  • JW

    I’m aware of the LG Eve and the HTC Dream, but the Eve gets consistently mediocre reviews and the Dream is something of an orphan phone with non-standard connectivity.

    Looking forward to an Android phone that has a physical keyboard, a regular headphone jack, a usable touch-screen, and that won’t break the bank.

  • Philippe

    Wish the mini would come to Fido…. I don’t want to leave them I have a great plan that non longer exists (unlimited incoming calls…)

    Anyway, would be great to get it. Since its a cheaper X10, Fido always gets leftovers. Still happy with my T715, though.

  • toreador

    x10 mini will prob be in Canada 4th Q, hopefully with supposed 2.1 update, and with fixes to known volume problems…
    it’s cheap enough to buy without having to sign up for 3 years. I bought mine overseas (don’t care for 850 3g compatability), just hope they fix the volume)