Rogers Quench to launch next week, more prices revealed


  • Jim R

    Rogers differentiates between “monthly” and “no term”. Neither requires a contract, but to get the monthly price of a phone, you have to have a Rogers monthly plan. OTOH, the “no term” price is what you pay if you have no plan whatsoever with Rogers, and these are typically $50 more than the “monthly” price.

    That’s why I said in a comment on a previous post about the Liquid that you’re probably actually looking at a price of $425 if you want to use that phone on a different network. And, as you see above, that’s what it will be.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    hey, i have that rogers customer guide book to LMAO

    Allso shows x10 mini, N87 mini & pearl 9100

    Didnt think there was any new news in it..