TELUS Tour & Storm “will not work on our HSPA network”

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen activity on the upcoming launch of both TELUS and Bell. With Telus we’ve seen their back end system confirming HSPA devices and the addition of SIM cards. Plus with Bell, there has been news about the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (and other devices) making its way over.

Today we’ve received an internal document (dated July 28th) specifically about the TELUS BlackBerry Storm and Tour which work on their current network. The document titled ” BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Storm & International Roaming and HSPA” states that “Please note that our current line up of HSPA devices won’t be compatible with the Canadian HSPA network. When the HSPA Network launches TELUS will be providing a new HSPA line up of devices that will work on that Network”.

It goes on to say that the “BlackBerry Tour 9630 and BlackBerry 9630 Smartphones suport dual-band 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO Rev A Networks in North America… If our clients are located overseas, these BlacBerry Smartphones can roam onto a HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) network. Note: These overseas networks should not be confused with the future launch of our HSPA network… Our current devices will not work on our HSPA network.”

So, if you have a Tour or Storm and want faster speeds… you’ll have to either upgrade to a new device or stay with the current speeds you have now.

Thanks “dumbdumb”

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