LG Bliss Video Review

LG BlissThe LG Bliss was recently launched by Bell and as a mid-level touchscreen device (retails for $79.95 on a 3-year plan) this is one to consider. Yes, there are other touchscreen available but this one should be marked nowhere in their marketing material is this competing with the iPhone or labeled an “Apple Eater”. This device stands alone and is the winner in it’s opening price point.

At fist look the Bliss has a large 3-inch touchscreen and only a few buttons: call, answer, back/speaker. Around the device you have the standard buttons such as volume rocker, lock, camera plus the USB to charge. The overall design is nicely shaped with a green band that works all the way around. From what I can tell the entire device is made of plastic and some might say that this makes a device look cheap, but with the Bliss it somehow adds to the appeal. It only weighs in at a light 3.42 ounces with overall dimensions being 107.5 x58 x 11.95mm, so this is also thin. What’s good about the size and weight is that it absolutely does not feel bulky in your pockets or that you’re carrying a brick around.

Heading into the Bliss a added feature to the touchscreen are the customizable home screen. There is a main screen, contacts, shortcuts and multimedia. All of these can be changed and edit so it gives you a sense of personalization. With this said, all the customizations are limited to what LG has allowed. I believe this is the first step in launching the new LG user interface that we will see on the upcoming new LG Chocolate (BL40). The main menu is displayed very intuitive and you basically can charge this up and get going. The ease of use and the incredibly responsive touchscreen has made this fun have.

For some features beyond the usual call (reception and quality we not an issue), contacts, calendar the LG Bliss comes with the ability to store up to 8 GB with a microSD card, perfect for all your music, pictures and videos. The camera is only a 2 megapixel camera with no flash or zoom. The quality is decent and actually come out better than a 2 megapixel would. If you want to view your pics you can simply use the touchscreen and slide your finger in either direction, similar to other touchscreen devices we’ve reviewed. Also, the video quality was good, it was not pixelated at all and sound was nothing to run from.

For all your messaging needs, either text messages (maximum number of character is 140), IM ( Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger), plus e-mail (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Symaptico, Windows Live Hotmail or any personal e-mail) are all easy to set up… unfortunately the e-mail does cost a monthly fee. When typing a message you can either use the T9 keyboard or turn the device on it’s side and it will switch to a full QWERTY keyboard. Typing will need some practice as the keyboard touchscreen is really responsive. If you make an error typing there is no auto correct so you’ll have to backspace or have some luck using your fingers to the exact letter you want to change.

The web was fast and comes with a full HTML browser so surfing should be a good time. Using the touchscreen to zoom in and out or scrolling down the actual web page makes it easier to use and navigate yourself through. If you do decide to install Opera Mini for a better browsing experience, avoid it. The Bliss gives no option (to-date) that allows for the letters to show up – making the fastest browser on the planet non existent.

In the review you’ll see the games, hear the music plus a short demo of streaming TV. Check it out here: