Bell Palm Pre Video – Part 1

We got hold of the Palm Pre and have been playing with it over the past day or so… even though our first video was highly recommended to be “removed”, we think another quick peak at the Pre would be of great interest to fellow Canadians.

This Pre will be released on August 27th through Bell and is one of the most anticipated devices this year.As Canada is the second country in the world to launch the Pre,  I’m honestly just getting to understand Palm’s new webOS platform as it’s a new operating system (will follow up with a full review soon). The design of the Pre is actually unavoidable. It catches your eye and you’re simply drawn to want to hold it, better yet experience it.

The round edges, smooth lines and vibrant 3.1 inch touchscreen is so far ahead of other Palm devices. It actually makes them look like another manufacturer… however, you’ll notice that there is one staple. The keyboard – it’s similar to the Treo Pro or Centro and will take some getting used to, especially if your fingers and thumbs are bigger.

You’ll see in the video that we play around with the touchscreen, use the gesture features and can easily run several applications at the same time, and switch between them. We’ll post more videos soon… gotta get back to understand what it’s full capability is and playing with this gem.

By the way.. on the Sprint version in the States you’ll see a Sprint logo on the back of the device when you slide it open, there is absolutely no Bell branding on this version.