TELUS HSPA network screenshot in action!


  • CDN

    its coming in Fall!

  • julienrl

    hum… seems like the TP2 would fall in the third selection. I wonder how that's going to work.

  • Rich

    Apparently the test launch for HSPA will be in British Columbia -only-. As early as September.

    Since I'm from BC — woo!

    Now if they can add their HSPA frequencies to the TP2 then damn…

  • Some Devil

    The Service and Support Fee section is exactly the same as it has been for years- the "Not Applicable" drop down menu is where you choose how you want to waive the fee (if you want to)

  • Ascariss

    Hopefully telus will start advertising some of this info to their customers.

  • Ryan

    I got my bill statement today and it has SIM cards included under the new policies in the service agreements!!

  • Graeme O

    this is obviously wrong if there is a selection of HSPA device…

  • Peter

    What if your already have a CDMA phone? Can you switch or like will you have to wait until your contract is finished. I don't get it.. Like whats going to happen to all the CDMA phones?

  • Ascariss

    the new network is voice and data.

  • louc

    so this is the reason why telus are being a bunch of douche bags and trying to stall globalive, so they can set up their own gsm network.

  • Trust Me

    Ok, to give you some facts.
    Telus and Bell are both working together on an HSPA network.
    There will be incentive to change your phone from CDMA to HSPA, though I’m not sure what that means.
    Aswell, they’re not going to just get rid of CDMA all together.
    It will be like Rogers, they will try to slowly move all customers to HSPA. It took Rogers 5-7 years to do this, so CDMA phone users have nothing to worry about.