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Google brings new Nest Cam features to Google Home for web

Users can check their videos, timelines and more on the web

Nest Cam

According to Google’s Community Blog, the desktop version of Google Home, the app where users manage, control, and set up products like the Nest Cam, now offers access to footage via its web-based app.

The post highlights the ability to create a timeline history and download/share clips with picture-in-picture support in camera views.

A Google YouTube page showcases the latest updates. Each camera is labelled at the top right-hand corner to distinguish individual Nest Cams. Users can change the clip’s name, and the recorded time is displayed next to the video’s name. A clipping option allows for cutting unnecessary parts of the video is also coming. Videos are displayed on the right side of the screen in the order of the date and time.

Google says the clipping option is rolling out in the coming weeks.

To access these new desktop Nest Cam features, you need a Nest Aware subscription, which costs roughly $10/month.

Users can also opt into a new garage door detection feature, as sensors from the Nest cam can detect if someone left their garage door open. This feature is available in Google’s latest Public Preview, which gives consumers early access to Google Home features. The Garage door detection will likely be added to Google Home in the near future.

Google previously launched web viewing for the Nest Cam in 2022, which was also tested through public preview.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google Via: DigitalTrends

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