Federal, provincial, privacy regulators welcome Airbnb’s surveillance camera policy change

Starting April 30th, Airbnb listings around the globe can no longer have indoor cameras

Canada’s privacy regulators say a decision from Airbnb to prohibit the use of indoor security cameras in listings will help protect people’s privacy.

Previously, the organization did allow indoor security cameras in common areas, including hallways and living rooms, as long as owners shared the information on the listing page.

Airbnb says the ban will apply to listings globally and is part of its efforts to prioritize privacy.

A joint statement from the privacy regulators of Canada, B.C., Alberta, and Québec states the company engaged with its offices and implemented recommendations.

“Where people live or stay, including rental accommodations, are places where we expect a high level of privacy. This is why the use of cameras and security devices within these spaces is extremely invasive to privacy,” the statement reads.

Airbnb says the move will impact a small amount of listings, as most of the offerings on the platform don’t have a security camera.

Airbnb has also changed its policy on other devices, including outdoor security cameras. Now, hosts are required to inform guests about the locational of outdoor cameras before they book. Cameras are also banned from outdoor areas where guests can expect privacy, such as a sauna.

The changes will take effect on April 30th.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Airbnb

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