Apple fixes passcode reset issue in Vision Pro update

Users can now reset their Vision Pro at home

Roughly a week ago, we reported how resetting your Apple Vision Pro’s passcode would require you to take a trip down to your nearest Apple Store.

The annoying issue has now been fixed as part of the VisionOS ‘version 1.0.3’ update.

After updating to VisionOS version 1.0.3, if a user forgets their passcode, they’ll be able to erase and reset their device at home.

In addition to allowing users to reset their devices at home, the update also brings “important bug fixes,” though Apple does not detail the bugs.

Lastly, Apple is also currently testing VisionOS 1.1 in developer beta. As suggested by 9to5Mac, the update will bring mobile device management support for using email, contacts, and calendars in the enterprise. Learn more about the upcoming update here.

To update your Vision Pro, head to Settings > General > Software Update.

Learn more about the Vision Pro here. Find out how to order it in Canada here.

Source: Apple Via: 9to5Mac

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