Square Enix drops 11 minutes of gorgeous Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay

A free demo was also confirmed

FFVII Rebirth Cloud and Cait Sith

Square Enix has offered an extensive new look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the latest PlayStation State of Play.

First, the presentation opened with a trailer teasing much of the late-game story content, including the Temple of the Ancients, new allies Vincent and Cid and some optional bosses.

Following that, the State of Play showcase offered a spotlight on much of the game’s world and side content, including the various regions, minigames (returning ones like the G-Bike motorcycle sequence and new ones like shooting galleries) and more. Areas that were in the original game that have been dramatically expanded were also featured, including the Gold Saucer theme park and quiet city of Kalm.

Elsewhere, some of the PS5-specific features were on display, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for minigames, a comparison between the Graphics and Performance Modes (4K/30fps vs lower resolution with 60fps) and motion-controlled steering. Some of the game’s 400-plus songs were also featured, many of which are grand remixes of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu’s original FFVII soundtrack.

Check out the full gameplay below:

Additionally, a free demo was confirmed, and it’s available now. In the demo, you’ll be able to play through the entire first chapter of the game, which centres around an extended flashback sequence featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. Closer to release, the demo will be updated to feature a present-day section of the game in which Cloud and friends explore the wilds outside of the Junon harbour town.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on PlayStation 5 on February 29th. Those with PS4 or PS5 save files from Final Fantasy VII Remake will receive Leviathan summon, while save data from Remake Intergrade‘s Intermission DLC will net you the Ramuh summon.

The FFVII Rebirth presentation follows a separate State of Play from last week that featured more than 15 games, including Death Stranding 2, the Silent Hill 2 remake, Judas (the new game from BioShock creator Ken Levine) and more. A full recap of what was shown can be found here.

Image credit: Square Enix

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