Public Mobile expands its Québec-only $34/50GB plan across the country

Public Mobile previously offered the plan to Canadians under its Boxing Week lineup

Public Mobile

Public Mobile is offering a Québec-only plan to the rest of Canada.

A couple of weeks ago, the Telus-owned brand introduced a $34/50GB 5G plan to the province, which was available to the rest of the country under its Boxing Week lineup.

Now, that plan is back, with a small caveat.

Customers can get the option if they subscribe to the $40/month 50GB plan for three months. This will bring the price down to $34/month.

This differs from the plan’s availability in Québec, which automatically costs $34/month and doesn’t require a 90-day subscription to save $6/month.

It’s unclear how long Public Mobile will offer the plan at this price in Québec and the rest of the country.

Other 90-day subscription options outside Québec include a $55/month 60GB Canada-U.S plan.

It should be noted some of the 90-day subscription options aren’t the best compared to other ongoing promotions. For example, Public Mobile offers a $50/month 30GB 5G subscription for customers who subscribe for three months. This plan pales in comparison to the $50/60GB 5G option it rolled out last month.

Not only does the latter plan offer more data, but it doesn’t require customers to commit to the brand for a three-month period.

More information is available on Public Mobile’s website.

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