Tesla adds automatic emergency calling, Apple Podcasts and more in 2023 Holiday Update

If your Tesla's airbags are triggered by a collision, your car will automatically call 911

Last year’s Tesla Holiday Update brought Steam gaming support to high-end Tesla models like Model S and Model X.

This year, the automaker is releasing several new updates, which are expected to roll out next week, including a highlight feature that will call 911 if an accident triggers your vehicle’s airbags.

Check below for all the upcoming updates.

You’ll soon be able to customize the sound that your car makes when you lock or unlock it. You can select from a range of options, such as a screaming goat, rubber ducky, applause and more. Further, rear passengers can use wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to the audio from the shows or games they are watching or playing on the rear screen, which means no more noisy distractions for front-seat passengers.

Apple Podcasts are also set to debut on the car’s infotainment system, allowing you to browse, search and subscribe to podcasts from various genres and categories, and listen to them offline or online from the vehicle.

Additionally, features to plan trips and see speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights on your route via the car’s navigation system would also be available as part of the update.

The highlight feature of the update is automatic 911 calls. The feature will essentially provide you with emergency assistance in case of an accident. If your car’s airbags are triggered by a collision, your car will automatically call 911.

In tradition with previous years, the update will also bring a new game to the Tesla Arcade, called Castle Doombad,a tower defence game where you play as an evil villain who has to defend his castle.

Other features include blind spot indicators, more live sentry cameras, a light show feature and more.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Tesla

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