Epic Games dreams of bringing Nintendo characters to Fortnite

Adding Nintendo franchise's skins, for example, Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong, can be one of the biggest crossover opportunities for Epic and Fortnite.

Epic Games’ Fortnite is well-known for its crossover events with various franchises and IPs, including Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Stranger Things, Ferrari, Monopoly, several animes and more recently, Lego and Rocket League

However, one major gaming company that Fortnite has not yet been able to collaborate with is Nintendo.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has expressed its desire to bring Nintendo characters to the game in the future. In an interview with Axios, Epic’s head of Fortnite‘s ecosystem, Saxs Persson, said that collaborating with Nintendo would be like “making diamonds.”

Saxs Persson, the head of Fortnite’s ecosystem, told Axios that working with Nintendo would be like “making diamonds.”

When asked about how difficult it has been for Epic to secure a partnership with Nintendo, Persson said “I don’t know what the word for, like, making diamonds is.”

Adding Nintendo franchise skins like Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong could be a massive crossover opportunity for Epic and Fortnite.

Persson said that Fortnite players would love using Nintendo skins in-game. However, he also pointed out that “Nintendo has their strategy and we have our strategy,” and that Epic can only hope to collaborate with the company at some point.

Persson also stated that regardless of whether a Nintendo collaboration happens, Fortnite crossovers aren’t about to slow down anytime soon, and its recent introduction of age ratings would only make crossovers easier.

Image credit: Reddit (ludiqpich198)

Source: Axios

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