Canadians can buy Starlink at more places, including Costco, Best Buy

More options are always better

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet is now available at more retailers in Canada.

Historically, Canadians interested in the internet service had to order it directly from Starlink’s website. However, the Starlink hardware is available from other places too, with Best Buy starting to offer it at the end of October and Costco reportedly getting in on the action too.

Canadians can order either the ‘Standard‘ Starlink hardware kit or the ‘Flat High Performance‘ kit. Best Buy charges $499.99 for the Standard kit or $3,169.99 for the High Performance kit. Best Buy also offers financing options of $41.67/mo or $264.17/mo, respectively, for 12 months with a $69.99 admin fee.

The prices match what Starlink charges for the same hardware configurations on its website. However, it’s worth noting that Starlink also offers a refurbished Standard kit for a discounted rate of $250.

An AI-generated Best Buy blog post dated October 30th, 2023 is the earliest indication we can find of Starlink being at Best Buy.

Along with Best Buy, MobileSyrup spotted several TikToks highlighting the availability of Starlink Standard kits at Costco for $499.99.

@costcomarkhameast Starlink 🛰️ at Costco 😲 $499.99 for the Standard Kit, comes with a 2 month service credit. Spotted at Costco Markham East 🇨🇦. #costcocanada #costcomarkhameast #Costco #Costcohaul #MrCME #CostcoFinds #Costcoclearance #CostcoDeals #starlink ♬ Starboy – The Weeknd

Update 14/12/2023 at 2:02pm ET: Starlink is now listed on the Costco website in Canada, but only the high-performance model so far. Check it out here.

Recent reporting indicates that Costco is selling Starlink hardware in other regions, too.

@costcofindscanada #starlink #costco #costcofinds #costcotiktok #costcomusthaves ♬ Lovin On Me – Jack Harlow

The company’s excellent return policy is the main benefit of shopping at Costco. However, in the U.S. at least, Costo offers two months of free service with Starlink activation. If the same offer is in Canada, that could be an excellent way to test Starlink, which has a costly $140/mo price.

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