Pixel Weather app gets dedicated app drawer shortcut

It's easier than ever to access the Weather app on your Pixel

Google is adding a dedicated Weather shortcut to the app drawer of Pixel phones, not to be confused with the existing Weather shortcut or the new Weather app that’s actually tied to the Clock app.

Spotted by 9to5Google, the new Weather shortcut appears in the Pixel device app drawer. I’ve seen it on my Pixel 8 now too. The shortcut opens the Weather portion of the Google app, which recently received a redesign.

The new app drawer icon is a welcome addition and should serve as an adequate replacement for the Weather app’s existing ‘add to home screen’ function, which puts a similar-looking icon on the home screen. Unfortunately, that icon is only available on the home screen, and it has a little ‘G’ icon attached, making it not ideal for someone like me who prefers to keep as few apps as possible on their home screen.

Because the new icon is tied to the Google app, pressing-and-holding it and tapping the ‘App info’ option will bring up details for the Google app instead.

If you’ve got a Pixel device, keep an eye out for the new Weather icon showing up on your device.

Source: 9to5Google

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