Fitbit app may soon work with Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer

Finally, the handset might be able to measure body temperature

The Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer is about to get more useful. Google is reportedly working on integrating the handset’s thermometer into the Fitbit app.

A teardown of the Fitbit app’s newest update reveals that you may be able to use the thermometer to take your temperature. The teardown states “Use your phone’s thermometer to take your temperature,” which likely refers to the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer.

The code also says: “Choose if you want to let Fitbit save and store body temperature data to your Fitbit profile. Once you tap save, your phone’s thermometer will start sharing data with Fitbit, including this and all future results unless you stop sharing.”

The string of data also explains the difference between a body temperature sensor versus one that can measure your skin temperature. A skin temperature monitor measures the fluctuations in temperature on your wrist while you sleep, while a body temperature reflects the temperature taken inside your body.

The Fitbit app will also let users manually log their results as well. As far as we know, officially, Google’s thermometer hasn’t been approved by the FDA or Health Canada yet.

Source: 9to5Google

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