Reddit is down right now, so write your witty thoughts in your favourite Notes app

That way, you'll be able to post them when the problem is solved

Reddit is experiencing a major outage right now that may stop you from using the site normally. Users have reported a variety of problems, including issues posting and loading posts and comments.

Reddit reported that it had identified the problem at 1:22pm ET/10:22am PT and was working towards “bringing services back online.” Around 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT just under 40,000 users reported outages on Downdetector.

With their preferred social media site unavailable, some users have taken to Twitter to complain.

In my own tests, I didn’t have any trouble accessing Reddit on the web. I tried it while I was logged in and while I was logged out. However, the app on my phone was totally useless; it couldn’t get past the loading screen with Reddit’s logo.

This story will be updated when Reddit is back online.

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Source: Reddit Via: The Verge

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