Iconic Canadian TV series Degrassi is getting a three-part documentary series

The series produced by Degrassi series owner Wildbrain

Canadian series Degrassi is getting a three-part documentary series, according to Variety.

According to the report, the documentary will feature behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a deep dive into the long-running Canadian series’ lore. The docu-series is set to be produced by WildBrain, which owns the Degrassi franchise, alongside Canadian production company Peacock Alley.

Degrassi was created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979, and many Canadian teens have seen the series over the years. If you’re Canadian and you aren’t familiar with the original Degrassi, you’ve probably watched one of its more recent off-shoots like The Next Generation or Next Class (I was a huge fan of Next Generation growing up).

The series is known for focusing on hard-hitting storylines about teen pregnancy, racism, lgbtq rights and child abuse. The show also started the careers of Drake, Shanae Grimes, Jake Epstein and Nina Dobrev.

Lisa Rideout will direct the documentary, and Josh Scherba, Stephanie Betts and Angela Boudreault are the executive producers for the series.

Image credit: Wildbrain

Source: Variety

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