Google may be working to combine Best Take and Top Shot

Google should have launched Best Take with Top Shot included

Google might merge Best Take and Top Shot, which is a great move but should have already been done alongside the launch of the Pixel 8 series.

For those who don’t know, Best Take allows Pixel 8 users to take multiple successive photos of a group. It then uses AI to determine the perfect face for each person in the picture. Top Shot, on the other hand, comes into play when you take a picture or a video. Google recommends a better-quality image and allows users to save a copy. Top Shot is available on Pixel 3 devices and newer.

Now, strings of code found by Android Authority show a new feature called “Fondue Topshot.” The publication says this feature offers a combination of Best Take and Top Shot, as ‘Fondue’ is the internal developer codename for the Best Take feature.

Combining these features would make a lot of sense. Top Shot uses alternate shots from a Motion Photo, essentially a quick, silent video that captures before and after you take a photo. Applying Top Shot to Best Take means you won’t need to take tons of pictures to allow for Best Take to work.

The deep dive also uncovered that if you use a Locked Folder in Google Photos, you won’t be able to use ‘Video Boost.’ Video Boost also only works for videos up to a certain length, though it’s unclear what the cutoff is. Video Boost is now available on Pixel 8 Pro devices as part of December’s Feature Drop.

Source: Android Authority

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