HBO’s The Last of Us generated massive $141 million for Alberta

The second season of The Last of Us starts filming in Vancouver in early 2024

The Last of Us

HBO’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us TV show — which is based on the video game series that shares the same name — generated $141 million for Alberta, adding millions to the province’s overall gross domestic product (GDP), according to recently released data from The Motion Picture Association — Canada (MPA).

To gather the data, the MPA commissioned Oxford Economics, which says $71 million of the TV show’s production cost went to local cast, crew and production personnel, while the remaining $70 million was spent at local Alberta businesses.

“The Last of Us, the largest series ever filmed in Canada, has left an indelible mark on Alberta’s economic landscape,” said Matt Jones, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade, in a statement. “Supported by Alberta’s Film and Television Tax Credit, this monumental production not only showcased the breathtaking facets of our province but also emphasized why Alberta, with over 180 diverse filming locations, is a world-class destination for large-scale film and television productions.”

According to HBO, the first season of The Last of Us is estimated to have benefited from close to $40 million in tax incentives from the provincial and federal government. Shooting locations include the Town of Okotoks, Beachwood and Evelyn’s Memory Lane Diner in High River, the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation area, the Mazeppa Gas Plant, Sheep River Falls, Priddis and Bragg Creek, Nanton and Claresholm (via AlbertaPrimeTimes).

The production generated $141 million for Alberta. Image credit: MPA Canada

According to Mark Ham, Alberta’s film commissioner, The Last of Us was filmed across 1,000 km of terrain at more than 180 locations. Over 1,400 people worked on the series. HBO’s The Last of Us has been nominated for 24 Emmys, including ‘Outstanding Drama Series.’

As a big fan of The Last of Us video games, I went into the TV show cautiously optimistic. Thankfully, it delivered in nearly every respect.

The second season of The Last of Us will begin filming in Vancouver in early 2024.

Image credit: HBO

Source: The Last of Us Via: CBC 

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