Google reportedly delays Gemini AI launch to 2024

Though Google hadn't publicly announced the launch, it reportedly scrapped plans to unveil Gemini next week

Google pushed back the launch of Gemini, its GPT-4 competitor, to January 2024.

The Information reported that CEO Sundar Pichai opted to push back the Gemini launch and cancel events scheduled for next week due to Gemini’s struggles with non-English queries. Google hadn’t publicly announced plans to launch Gemini, however.

Gemini, for those unfamiliar, is a foundational model that Google teased at I/O 2023. Foundation models are trained on a huge amount of data so they can be adapted to a range of tasks — some examples include OpenAI’s GPT models and Google’s BERT. According to Engadget, Google intends for Gemini to handle a range of tasks and be able to handle multiple types of data, like images and text, to accomplish more advanced tasks.

Moreover, Gemini will likely bring enhancements and new capabilities to Google’s existing products and AI tools once it does launch.

The Information called the upcoming launches Google’s most important of the year as the company rushes to catch up to OpenAI. While the delay likely stings, it could be a sign that Google’s trying to get Gemini right rather than rush it out.

Source: The Information Via: Engadget

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