Google finally enables Pixel Watch full charge notifications

Now your phone will let you know once your Pixel Watch is charged

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Google was working on adding a full battery notification to the Pixel Watch. Now, it looks like the feature is quietly rolling out for some Pixel Watch 2 owners.

Android Authority spotted the feature on Google Pixel Watch app version However, the full charge notification seems to have just started working with no announcement from Google. I’m rocking the same version of the Watch app but have not yet seen a full charge notification.

The notification itself is quite simple — it just says, “Pixel Watch fully charged,” followed by, “Your watch is at 100%.”

Android Authority also reports that there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable the notification. For most Pixel Watch users, this probably won’t be an issue since it’s helpful to know when the watch is charged, especially if you’re not nearby while it charges.

Finally, it remains unclear if the notification will come to the original Pixel Watch as well as the Pixel Watch 2. Given the notification comes from the Pixel Watch app itself, it presumably will work with any Pixel Watch.

Source: Android Authority

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