Adobe reportedly acquires Rephrase, an AI company specializing in text-to-video

As the adoption of AI tools continues, Adobe is leveraging the skills of AI company Rephrase

Adobe is powering up its catalogue of AI-powered tools with plans to acquire text-to-video company Rephrase.

Although the acquisition isn’t publicly touted, an internal memo circulating Rephrase indicates the deal has been closed. However, details of the deal, including cost, are still yet to be disclosed.

“The Rephrase.ai team’s expertise in generative AI video and audio technology and experience-building text-to-video generator tools will extend our generative video capabilities — and enable us to deliver more value to our customers faster — all within our industry-leading creative applications,” Ashley Still, senior vice president and general manager for Adobe Creative Cloud reportedly said in the memo.

Headquartered in California, Rephrase offers an AI-powered toolset to enable users to generate videos by using text. Rephrase users can create professional-looking videos with a digital avatar by using text-based cues. To do so, users only have to choose a video template, or an avatar of their choice, and add whatever context they’d like. Once the user renders the video, all of the elements are auto-generated using AI.

If the user is using a script, the AI-generated avatar can sync up with the script as well. There are an assortment of customization tools available to help tailor the video to the user’s preference. For instance, users can modify the background, change the size of the avatar, and tweak the speech pattern.

Since its inception in 2019, Rephrase has amassed nearly $14 million from investors and has brought in over 50,000 customers.

It’s easy to imagine that much of Rephrase’s work will be adopted by Adobe thanks to the acquisition. The company has been slowly building up its AI toolbelt across the Creative Cloud. For instance, Adobe Firely uses generative AI to create images for commercial use. Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other Adobe apps also feature AI capabilities.

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Source: Economic Times Via: VentureBeat

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